Earthday Birthday 24

Earthday Birthday 24 Preview

A Central Florida Rock Tradition: Earthday Birthday 24 on April 22

Spring is in the air here in Central Florida: Pollen, love bugs, smoke from brush fires, and the sweet sounds of rock music. ‘Tis the season for music festivals, and we’ve got some great ones- Gasparilla, Florida Music Fest, 98 Rockfest, and of course, Earthday Birthday 24, put on by Orlando’s favorite station, 101.1 WJRR.

It’s hard to believe they have been putting this together for 24 years, but that’s what the 24 part means. It is truly a Central Florida tradition, and some of the greatest rock bands of our time have graced the stages over the years- this year promising to add more awesome acts to the alumni of groups who have performed for EDBD.

It is always an eclectic mix of bands, never far too many metal groups, nor more than enough indie rockers. A wide range of musical tastes are satisfied during the festival each year, and 2017 will be as diverse as any previous years, offering something for every fan’s delight.

You like hard rock? Bands like Eve To Adam, Nonpoint, and Sevendust will rock your brains out. Want something a little more old school? How about In Living Color, Candlebox, or even Sick Puppies? If you have been jamming their songs since you were in diapers, now is the time to see them live! Like something a bit more laid back? You can ride the vibe of bands like The Supervillains, Pepper, and Sublime with Rome. I’m telling you: music for every taste will be there, even local favorites on the acoustic stage.

As if the awesome bands weren’t enough, EDBD has art. WJRR’s own Mel Taylor has this group of awesome girls who, despite the name of “Mel Taylor’s Bad Girls Club”, do a lot of good work in the community, raising funds for various charities and other cool projects. They have put together an art walk, with many local and national artists peddling their wares with proceeds going towards those ends. Not too into paintings and sculptures? What about tattoos? There will be famous tattoo artists on site, plying their trade on victims lucky enough to go under their needles. Needles not your thing? There’s always the body painting. It’s a tradition each year at this place that people get their bodies painted, turning their flesh into mobile canvases displaying some awesome artwork. It wouldn’t be EDBD without it.

If you have been hearing about it on the radio and wonder if it’s for you, the answer is yes. Get out into the beautiful weather before Florida turns into a giant broiling oven and enjoy some of your favorite rock bands. I’ve been, I know. Check out my recapof the best showin Central Florida. Get your tickets and come see for yourself what it’s all about- you won’t be sorry.

For tickets, lineup details and more, visit the Earthday Birthday 24 page at WJRR’s website, and for a review of the event, stay tuned to RarasFarm, and if you follow us on Facebook, you will be sure to see it, and much more: . As always, keep rocking!

Phil Snyder

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