Dru Cutler at Florida Music Festival. Photo by Jay Verdesca.

Dru Cutler Interview…

Normally, I would say this is an interview but since it was my first time actually interviewing an artist that wasn’t a friend, I learned that I had some technique still to learn.  Fortunately Dru Cutler is a true professional and a kind, caring musician.

At the Florida Music Festival, there were wonderful stages spread across downtown Orlando featuring the latest independent acts, some discovered and some not, but all talented nonetheless.

Upon my arrival at the Cheyenne Saloon I immediately soaked in the old-style architecture reminiscent of the Wild Old West. The entire structure was made from stylish polished wood and the building looked fresh and clean. The sounds drifting in from the band doing sound check seemed to match the vibe of venue.

Dru Cutler at Florida Music Festival. Photo by Jay Verdesca.
Dru Cutler at Florida Music Festival. Photo by Jay Verdesca.

This group of talented musicians are Dru Cutler (Singer-songwriter, guitarist), Shawn Kyle (Bass), Tom Kersey (Cellist, composer) and Dave Hamar (Drummer). These guys have a wonderful, unique and refreshing style of music that provoked me to download all of their available iTunes offerings as son as I could.

The band boasts inspired creations of musical history in their rhythm and lyrics. You’ll hear inspiration from artists as diverse as The Beatles to Radiohead to Tom Petty and Sonic Youth. My heart grew two more sizes for this band when I had my first ever interview with lead singer, Dru Cutler.

Cutler is such a creative spark and a kind soul who makes any person feel comfortable in his presence. One thing I completely respected about him was his ability to realize I didn’t have much experience in interviewing and with graceful wisdom he helped guide me through the process.

As I prefaced in the beginning, this turned out to be a lesson in how to interview. I think of how I will be forever thankful for his actions and he will be a forever respected individual to me for being a down-to-earth, benevolent and humanitarian artist.

When I started the interview with Dru we talked about the set he had just performed and how each song reminded me of certain artistic inspirations. This led to a discussion about the magnificent loft he created in Brooklyn for spotlighting talented emerging artists.

He is proud of this creative outlet, which he affectionately has dubbed Unit J, and turned the tables on me, asking how I had learned of the special venue. (I saw a set list on Facebook showing the performers for one night.)

Dru Cutler at Florida Music Festival. Photo by Jackie Creedon.
Dru Cutler at Florida Music Festival. Photo by Jackie Creedon.

I asked whether the arrangement was conducive for having the performers stay over after playing, but Cutler shared:

“There have been some cases where bands stay over, but usually not, since we already have six roommates. There isn’t enough time or space for bands to stay there.”

Observing his thirty minute set I couldn’t help but notice Dru was a very nostalgic person.  I asked, “When it comes to your lyrics. I can tell how you feel about things. The song “I Want the Moon, But That’s Not All” is a clear reminder of the issues that permeate our society.”

Dru Cutler:

“Its easy for people to post something now, and people get down on themselves because they want more, more, more. Like that person is kind of annoying so I’ll just get a new friend. The song starts out with simple things like I want some time in the back yard and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger to the point in the song of someone wanting the moon and that is not all.

I then offered that he seemed like the type of person motivated by breaking past the spiritual maladies that are ever present in the 21st Century.

Dru Cutler:

“The journey for me has to be an inward one, you know, like how can I be happy right now in this moment, this second.”

That quote was a poignant part of our conversation and it let me know that I am not alone in my thoughts about true happiness. In its entirety, I really loved Dru’s energy and appreciated his way of talking to me. He seems to be a wonderful person who loves his art and it shows when I hear his music from the latest single, “Hometown.” Out of all his music I have heard, this track is the one that literally hit home, no pun intended. I will be back to review him again with his wonderfully clean and folkish rock sound.

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