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Descendents – Who We Are

The proto punk-rock group, Descendents have released another wonderful piece of art with politically charged anthems called Who We Are. Upon listening, the first thing I noticed about the start was the lead guitar smashing up a sound that reminds of a Social Distortion song mashed up with some riffs reminiscent of beach rock you’ve heard from a band like Rebelution. The drums on this track are simply smashing with a nice punk beat.

As their tour churns towards an October 20th Orlando date, I dived into the new offering.  The lyrics stick out to me right away with, “But I still believe in a democracy, Warts and all, its still the land of the free. So take it outside, shout it loud as you can. Defend the rights of every woman and man. That’s who we are, that’s how I feel, that’s who we are, can’t you feel it getting real? In times like this we outta stay together, but they just pitted us against each other. Just give it some time, maybe then you’ll see, that we all have a common enemy.”

Descendents Who We Are

When I hear these words it’s like all that I have thought about the world is coming to fruition in this song. Long have I been in this world an empath and felt the collective human consciousness being disheveled and here is a song written by a group who feels the same thing. It’s truly a blessing to see that I am not alone in noticing that things are rapidly getting more volatile with how we humans treat ourselves and each other. With another presidency under way, we’ve already seen all the division and fighting from those who are dead set on believing that their own beliefs are true when it comes to politics. I for one, believe that it isn’t going to be politics to save the world but people waking up choosing not to give in to fear.

The lines of the song again jump out at me, unleashing a torrent of love and compassion, “If a man who says its ok to hate, but we know hate will destroy this place. So right now, I’m asking you to join our side and take a stand to fight for what’s right! Cause I still believe in a democracy and equal rights for every race and creed. So take it outside, shout it loud as you can, we won’t let sexism and bigotry stand!”

Armed with this single, their first album released in 20 years (Hypercaffium Spazzinate, 2016) and over twenty tour dates in North America and Canada they will take the fight for democracy and genuine freedom all over to every man, woman, and child. I am anticipating their show at the Orlando House of Blues in Disney Springs on October 20th. I will be reviewing this show as a labor of love and if you like the Descendents or feel a pull to this song, rest assured you won’t be disappointed by the subject content of Hypercaffium Spazzinate. Come on down to the show, tickets are surprisingly cheap at 29.50 and the venue never disappoints a crowd.

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Snak Pak Fennell

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