The Delta Saints Blend Blues and Alternative Rock For A Unique Sound

The Delta Saints are making a name for themselves among the alternative music industry, and for good reason, too. Monte Vista, their latest release, is a distinctive blend of alternative rock, blues, and a little bit of everything else.

Based out of Nashville, the band was formed by two Belmont University students, Ben Ringel and David Supica, who teamed up with Dylan Fitch to start producing. In 2009, they released their first EP, and have continued on their rise upward in the industry.

Monte Vista varies from their original sound, bringing in a bit of harder rock rather than the softer and more bluesy tone that they began with.

Kicking off the album is “California,” which has risen quickly to the top of their charts on Spotify. It’s a catchy beat, with just enough blues to keep it interesting, that strikes listeners as the type of song that really showcases all that the artist can do. It’s clear that The Delta Saints spent many years honing their personal style and practicing their craft in order to perfect this opener.

“Burning Wheels,” another song from Monte Vista, is very reminiscent of The Black Keys. It’s a catchy song, and it makes listeners want to sing along. “Burning Wheels” and “Sun God” both have a ample blues elements, but the album varies in sound a lot.

“Young and Crazy” is a great example of their variation in style. Leaning more towards rock, “Young and Crazy” is a quirky song with an eclectic sound. Lead singer Ringel has a very distinct voice that is showcased perfectly in this song.

Slowing down a bit, “Roses” and “In Your Head”, both have a much softer sound than the rest of the album. These songs feature more indie elements in them as well.

Monte Vista was a great achievement for The Delta Saints, and it’s destined to be most popular release to date. It will be interesting to see what is next for the band.

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