Cavemouth’s New Single: Phone

The single “Phone” from Cavemouth’s new EP I Don’t Have a Dog is like finding money on the sidewalk. An unexpected gift/surprise from Cavemouth, a foursome that grew up together in the county of Devon in England.

They were friends during that great era of raves and house parties and there was no shortage of exceptional music in those days to influence a group of guys forming a band. The location was influential as well, “Music based on the wilds of Exmoor,” as stated in their website’s bio. Devon is an incredible and beautiful place with lots of history, some of which are dark, very dark.

So, it’s no wonder these four have put together a unique combination of funk, blues, alternative, hip-hop, rock. Their distinctive sound is also described as swamp funk, with hashtags that include #dirty,#gritty,#roadkill, well, how can one not like this musical gumbo?

“Phone” is pretty straightforward as far as the meaning behind the song goes. A guy involved with someone who is oblivious to the world in general, because said person is staring at their phone. I think we can all recognize this… those people who are on their phone all day. Maybe you are one of them. Regardless, it is relatable.

The first notes we hear in “Phone” are from the saxophone, which is one of the aforementioned surprises. It’s accompanied by funk-laden guitar, drums, and bluesy vocals. Unlike the simplicity of the theme, the band delivers the song in an original, smart, driven and fast-paced complexity.

Cavemouth is not ordinary fare. So, if you’re in the mood for chicken you’re going to get gator tails because after all, Cavemouth is swamp funk and so much more.

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