Carly Jo Jackson. Photo by Ben Costa

Carly Jo Jackson Interview

Interview with Orlando’s Carly Jo Jackson

Carly Jo Jackson is a vibrant young performer who stole the show at Florida Music Festival with an invigorating showcase that left the Orlando crowd thirsting for more. Jackson is a “local kid” who is on the cusp of great things.  She’s a free spirit just gushing with talent.

Cretin: So you went to Lake Brantley?
Carly Jo Jackson: Yes I did. It’s a cool school. Go Patriots!

Cretin: Were you in the music scene during high school?
Carly Jo Jackson: I was and I was actually really big in the drama class but I got kicked out for kissing too many auditions or something.  And I was really sad, because I had a solo… I did chorus and I did a lot of things involving the school.  I think school is really important for keeping kids involved in music and showing them what they can do.

Carly Jo Jackson at FMF. Photo: Jay Verdesca.
Carly Jo Jackson at FMF. Photo: Jay Verdesca.

Cretin: You’ve been to Florida Music Festival in the past, when did you first play FMF?
Carly Jo Jackson: The first time I played FMF was about five years ago. I was a little jitterbug and I was with a friend in the Gibson Showroom.    To come from there, and then we played at Cheyenne Saloon for a couple of years, and now we’re at Wall Street Plaza, so this is huge for us.

Cretin: And you had a nice crowd today.
Carly Jo Jackson: Yeah, how about it?  They were great.

Cretin: On stage you seemed so happy.  Your mic stand kept falling down and it never seemed to bother you.
Carly Jo Jackson: Yeah, did you see that (laughing)
Cretin: Are you always this happy and upbeat.
Band: Yeah, she is.  I think it’s because of her happiness and cheerfulness and how energetic she is that brings the energy out of the rest of us when we are on stage.
Carly Jo Jackson: Whatever one person is missing, the group will make up for it.  If someone’s having a bad day, we are like ‘We’re going to have a good day now. We’re going to make this work.’  This is our therapy, it’s our job, it’s our love.  It’s everything.

Cretin: Most of the music I found from you on the internet, is acoustic and more mellow, but that’s definitely not the vibe we saw on stage today.
Carly Jo Jackson: That’s the thing.  These guys make it rock ‘n roll. I remember them telling me, ‘It’s okay,just rock out, bust it out.’  It helps when I turn to my side and see them dancing and closing their eyes. and I’m like ‘I can do this, too.’  But, you are right, on-line I’m Colbie Caillat. In person I’m a Red Hot Chili Peppers kind of thing.

Carly Jo Jackson at FMF. Photo: Jay Verdesca.
Carly Jo Jackson at FMF. Photo: Jay Verdesca.

Cretin: Which style do you like better?  The rocker or a more mellow songstress?
Carly Jo Jackson: That’s the thing. Music is really an emotional, immediate connection. There are some shows where we show up and decide to pull up some chairs and decide to play acoustic. It’s also about how we are feeling, and we ‘re usually on the same page.  It’s pretty crazy.  And, sometimes we all show up to a show, and we’re matching, and nobody knows why.  It’s weird.

Cretin: Are the four of you playing a lot these days?
Carly Jo Jackson: We play a lot, in Miami.  Miami is kind of where our stomping grounds are right now.

Cretin: Do you get to Orlando much? Have a favorite place to play here?
Damien: Wed on’t come here as much as we want, but when we come we love it.
Carly Jo Jackson: Did you like this show better or Cheyenne?
Damien: This one was definitely better. The Miller Lite Stage was awesome.

Cretin: Is there anything exciting coming up?
Carly Jo Jackson: We have a lot of new things that are coming out.
Angel: We are going to be recording.  She has new songs coming out, and I’ll be producing it.
Carly Jo Jackson: We have a lot of producers in this group.  We all have different things that we do, but as a group comes together and it’s awesome.

Cretin: Great, when the music is ready get it to us and we’ll share it.
Carly Jo Jackson: Please do.  Spread it around like a virus.

This vivacious young performer has an engaging likable personality and a distinctive, captivating voice. We’ll keep her and her extremely bright future on our radar here at Rara’s Farm.

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