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Carbon Leaf’s Terry Clark Interview

A fun interview with Terry Clark of Carbon Leaf

I caught up with Carbon Leaf’s Terry Clark before the band’s recent show at a packed Social in downtown Orlando. As the band was preparing to embark on yet another Rock Boat excursion, we had a chance for a quick fun interview with the gregarious guitarist.

Cretin: Of the band members, who is the most and least organized?
Terry Clark: Ha!! That’s easy… Barry is both! That is what you get for not just being the lead singer and songwriter, but being the manager as well.

Cretin: Your tour stops are like a family reunion. Which location do you feel the closest connection to your fans?
Terry Clark: Obviously the shows are always special when we play in Virginia, but there are several other town that also feel like home: Seattle, Denver, Burlington, VT, Chapel Hill, Boston, Chicago, Portland, OR & Portland, ME to name a few.

Cretin: You just learn you were inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. You get to play three songs during the ceremony. Which 3? And congratulations!
Terry Clark: Hey, thanks! It feels like we should play our two biggest “hits”, plus something that’s a little quirky for something like this. So, I would to go with “The Boxer,” “Life Less Ordinary” and “She’s Gone.”

Cretin: Which of the prior inductees do you drag up on stage to jam with you?
Terry Clark: Whew… that’s a tough one! How about just Chuck Berry, The Beatles and Rush? Otherwise I would start calling up ALL of the inductees.

Cretin: Favorite song to play live?
Terry Clark: My favorites vary from night to night depending on the audience. I never get tired of playing crowd favorites like “What About Everything,” “One Prairie Outpost” and “Let Your Troubles Roll By.”

Terry Clark
Terry Clark at Orlando’s Social

Cretin: You’ve toured Florida many times in your 24-year career. Any favorite Sunshine State joints or attractions?
Terry Clark: Our current favorite stop is The Social in Orlando. We don’t get to Florida often enough, so it’s cool that people travel from all over the state to see us when we come through.

Cretin: You are Rock Boat veterans. Any favorite moment on stage while at sea?
Terry Clark: Wow… too many to count! We are friends with several of the other bands on the Rock Boat and a few years ago, we had about 25 musicians up on stage for “Let Your Troubles Roll By”… it was awesome!

Cretin: Any favorite moment in your cruise-lives?
Terry Clark: Honestly, it’s just nice to be able to relax with friends and fans. Normally, we don’t have long to hang out in each city when we are on tour, it’s just go go go.

Cretin: Who is the band member most likely to get lost at a port and miss the embarkation deadline?
Terry Clark: Ha! This will be Barry again, but he won’t be lost. He will be busy doing something really important like trying to track down our missing shipment of t-shirts at UPS.

Cretin: Last question: You can listen to only two albums the rest of your life. One from Carbon Leaf and one from any other band. What are your choices?
Terry Clark: Carbon Leaf: Indian Summer Revisited and Neil Young: Live Rust.

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