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Big Something Brings Skill and Good Vibes to St Augustine Amphitheatre

Big Something Delivers Fun Set to St. Augustine Fans

It takes a lot for a band to stand up to Umphrey’s McGee and put on a performance that their fans will enjoy and remember, especially outside in a festival setting. At their St Augustine Amphitheatre appearance, Big Something showed that they can do this with ease.

They played their early evening set for a full and lively crowd, who was kept dancing as they toyed with different genres. You can hear alternative rock, jam band, blues, reggae, funk, jazz, and more inspirations while they play. They give older styles new life with enough twists to keep things modern and cool. Their sound is approachable, with a simple youthful charm and a laid back spirit.

Big Something has members spanning a wide age span, which lends both freshness and skill to their sound. The guys in Big Something have a chill vibe paired with a vivacity. Their energies meld and it makes for a laid back and fun concert experience.

The crowd that evening was distinctly bohemian, but like Umphrey’s McGee, Big Something brought a humble and well practiced simplicity to the stage. They entertained people of all levels of sobriety, even children who attended on their long-haired parents shoulders and PDA obsessed 60-something year-old rockers. Big Something treated us all to a short set that was groovy and summery – low key but funky. You can hear a genuine tone in the diverse songs these guys play, from cheerful jams to heavier guitar laden tracks.

Big Something has a signature sound and a vibrant spark onstage. They obviously enjoy themselves and their styles and backgrounds really click together.

After interviewing Big Something’s frontman Nick a few weeks ago, I had a great deal of excitement for their future. After checking out this live appearance my excitement skyrocketed. The tour continues through the summer, highlighted by the group’s very own festival The Big What. Big Something has been growing into a bigger and bigger something the past few years. Their sound has matured into something enjoyable, experimental, and groovy that is worth checking out during their tour this summer.

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