Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs

Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs

We have a special treat for you today.  A local high school student recently shared his love of Avenged Sevenfold with me.  It wasn’t long before I realized that this Winter Springs High School freshman had a deep and passionate love for the California rockers.  So, I invited him to write his first ever article. With no further ado, here are the Rarasfarm Dozen – the Best Avenged Sevenfold songs according to Corbin.

12. Buried Alive – This is one of the softest songs from the Nightmare album. I personally like the way the song progresses from a slow, melodic feel to a punchy hard rock feel.

11. Welcome to the Family – This was one of the first A7X songs I got into, well before I started taking a liking to heavy metal music.

10. A Little Piece of Heaven – At over 8 minutes long, this is the longest track off of the 2007 self-titled album written entirely by The Rev (Jimmy Sullivan).

9. Unbound – It’s a really fast-paced song that makes you feel like you are being put through a wild ride.

8. Lost – A melodic and hardcore feeling song. It also features some rare use of auto-tune – just enough to make it an interesting, compelling masterpiece.

7. Shepherd of Fire – This is a hardcore piece that hat has killer guitar scales and pounding drum fills which drive this song into my Top 10.

6. Bat Country – Another one of my favorites off of my favorite album, City of Evil. Matt Shadows’ vocals drive the tempo of the song to the point where it almost feels too perfect.

5. Unholy Concessions – This song off of their second album Waking the Fallen is one of their shorter but heavier songs.  It features a few ground-shaking breakdowns.

4. Critical Acclaim – It’s kind of politically motivated because it seems as though A7X are describing a historic battle. I also love the chemistry of Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates in their guitar solos.

3. So Far Away – This is a tribute to their old friend, The Rev.  Synyster Gates wrote the song that hits me the hardest. FoREVer.

2.  Afterlife – A song about a man who is trapped in the afterlife and trying to escape because he doesn’t deserve to be there.

1. Nightmare – This one is a dark and ominous masterpiece. It is my favorite because of Mike Portney’s powerful drums and Synyster Gates’ guitar work.

You can catch Avenged Sevenfold opening for Metallica on their worldwide stadium tour this summer.

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