Bayside at Beacham Orlando. Photo: Ben Costa

Bayside Show at The Beacham

This week I caught a killer show at Orlando’s Beacham Theatre. Baside is an American rock band hailing from New York created back in 2000 by front man Anthony Raneri and they are still going strong today nearly two decades later.

The band got their name while on their way to a New Found Glory show on Long Island. Armed with an untitled demo for New Found Glory they were trying to think of name to come up with. They passed the Bayside train station, and decided to write “Bayside” on the CD simply as a name for New Found Glory, but the name became permanent.

Bayside at Beacham Orlando. Photo: Ben Costa
Bayside’s Anthony Raneri at Beacham Orlando. Photo: Ben Costa

With a few bruises (Nick Ghanbarian) and scars along the way ( R.I.P. Beatz Holohan) they have forged a wonderful fan base, some describing it as a cult. When I went to their show at The Beacham, I gotta say the fan line was long, well before doors opened at 6:30. I took advantage of the opportunity to get to know some of them a little bit better. I discovered that their fan base was kind and compassionate. I saw this compassion when a nearby homeless man was selling stuff and a bunch of people just handed him cash. It was a nice precursor for a wonderful show.

Bayside was joined at the Beacham by Say Anything and Hot Rod Circuit. The venue is big, and a wonderful atmosphere for live music. When Anthony first came out to the stage, with the lights down, he slipped into an acoustic offering sung with such emotion and hope that it immediately drew me in. After a few minutes, the greens, reds and yellows of the light racks went off like crazy to reveal Jack O’Shea strumming his guitar with ferocity.

Bayside at Orlando's Beacham Theatre - photo by Ben Costa
Bayside at Orlando’s Beacham Theatre – photo by Ben Costa

Chris Guglielmo made his drums present when I heard a light beat permeating the room. As everything began to build, Nick Ghanbarian finally added his talent for bass into the mix. Everyone in the crowd started putting hands up, some jumping, as the song led into a heavily charged and vivacious noise that reminds one to get up from any slump and join in activities of life.  Anthony is a big lover of his fans and that was apparent when he coaxed them to sing to him. It was magical.

After three songs Anthony spoke to the crowd, explaining the reasons behind his band playing later than expected. He said in the softest voice how extra security had been hired and they were still letting everyone into the venue. I remember what he said thereafter about the times we live in. Thankful that we have extra security because of the events that are going on around the world, I was thankful to hear him say a prayer for the victims in Manchester. My heart goes out to them as well.

Bayside at Orlando's Beacham Theatre - photo by Ben Costa
Bayside at Orlando’s Beacham Theatre – photo by Ben Costa

I would say the thing I loved most was the high energy, but the motivational lyrics and rhythms were also amazing. Anthony is a wonderful singer and shows how he feels through his stage presence.  Jack never stops moving around , performing awesome little dance moves with his guitar. The in-tuned, wonderfully timed drums completed the sound with those arms on Chris banging ferociously and at other times slow and steady. Nick’s bass techniques remind me of bass pioneer, Primus. He has this heavy way with it that ties all the other instruments together in a symbiotic symphonic relationship.

I hope to see more of these guys because I thought their performance was amazing and their music has grown, like their fan base, in the years since their inception.

I had the pleasure of listening to their latest album, Vacancy and others before it. Not only has their rhythmic sounds changed but they have beat the odds when some would give up because of everything they have gone through. These guys deserve a lot more recognition in the world and I pray they get it.

~Rock On~
SnakPak Fennell

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