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Astari Nite Brings Goth New Wave Back!

Astari Night Features New Music on Upcoming Florida Dates

In order for me to describe the song, “The Girl Who Tried,” I would have to take you back to a track called “The Boy Who Tried.” Released in 2014 by a band called Astari Nite, off of their EP Anonymous, this song starts with a low frequency gritty rumble and makes it’s way into synth sounding electronica with a nice heavy bass and drums.

The lyrical content is that of a love that seems to be missed, almost written in a Shakespearean kind of way. The Goth and new wave inspiration can be clearly heard in this track which leads me to point out that the song, “The Girl Who Tried,” is a sort of ending, like a last chapter in a book has been finished and the writer is free to move on from all the life experience that was cultivated and then written down as the subject material. Mychael Ghost explains below what both songs meant.

“The Girl Who Tried is a song about regret and closure. It finalizes the story that we began in 2015 when we released The Boy Who Tried. When I close my eyes I picture someone praying while saying these words, however I have no clue if these prayers will ever be answered and by whom to say the least.” -M.G.

One of the reasons I like this track is because it reminds me of bands like The Cure, Joy Division and even Depeche Mode. While listening to both tracks repeatedly, I realized as a DJ how easy this would be to dance to singular or remixed. Rarely heard in any music nowadays is the dark, perspicuous, shimmer that is present in “The Girl Who Tried” and “The Boy Who Tried.” One thing to note in the difference of both songs is that “The Boy Who Tried” has a more bass/tenor tone than “The Girl Who Tried.” I will keep this in my iTunes library  between my New Order and The Cure. This music is a creative sort that can be easy listening for anyone who likes a different yet subtle and energetic sound.

AStari Night Dreams of Majesty

You can check out the entire new EP, Dreams of Majesty on the Astari Night Bandcamp Page.

It’s no wonder that Astari Nite is getting back from a festival in the Chateau de Tilloloy ferme du chateau in France to perform multiple shows in the U.S. starting on September 9th at Churchill Pub in Miami, Florida to their last performance date scheduled for October 21st at Respectable Pub in West Palm Beach, Florida. I will be going to review their show for September 16th at Will’s Pub in Orlando with special guests, MissFit Toys, J.A.S.O.N., and DJ Lavidicus. I highly anticipate this show being one of the best ones I get to cover this year. You can grab your tickets here: Will’s Pub.

I do hope the masses are interested in at least a download from Spotify, iTunes or Google Music for these songs and more. If you like what you hear and are near any of the show locations get out to see this band live.

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