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Astari Nite Blinds Eyes with Soulful Performance!

Astari Nite Show Review

It’s an ecstatic moment when you find a group of people who excel at what they do and then they blow your mind by not only bringing back to life a long-lost sound but they improve upon it. Even in another life I feel as if Astari Nite would be as talented as they are now with the show I recently attended at Will’s on Mills (as locals call this venue, but for name’s sake the venue goes by Will’s Pub).

The event venue is a fitting place for such acts that are rock, metal, rap, and hip-hop with its band stickers all over the walls and graffiti like you’d find in an old punk rock club in Britain. A surprising thing you notice as soon as you get through the doors are the pinball machines. Wandering into the next room,you find a stage that juts out to the right about 20 feet and to the left is the control booth for the audio and lighting. Add in an average amount of floor space for standing room and you have a place fit for some personal fun.

Everyone who attended dressed up in their Goth attire and I glimpsed some pretty imaginative get ups. I especially noticed all the spikes and metal on their clothing by the  spinning disco ball above our heads, and I even met a cosmetologist who works for LUSH that had some mad make-up designs on her face. The stage set up when I walked in was full of cobwebs and  draped in black with an interesting keyboard suspension setup. It seems that stage theatrics are a big part of this scene and I do love it!

The first band to go on was a wonderful mashup of Industrial Goth and Black Metal. MissFit Toys performed a good amount of the time in the darkness with strobes going off every once in a while. While listening to them I remembered some of the black metal bands I used to listen to like Cradle of Filth (U.K.), Dimmu Borgir (Norway), and Carach Angren (Netherlands). They had an ominous, almost haunting, sound about them but I really loved their extreme style and yet, their very down to earth nature. That was evident when I met up with them to get my CD signed.

Astari Nite
Astari Nite singer Michael Ghost. Photo: Ben Costa.

Next up, the main act, Astari Nite which I mentioned earlier, blew my mind! Front man Michael Ghost had such a wonderful stage presence. It was like you could feel his music in your soul.

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I honestly could not notice a difference listening to them at home on a system versus their live sound. Their sound is reminiscent of the 80’s goth scene with a clearly expressed story behind their lyrics. One thing I really took a liking to was the very technical yet unique flow of their guitarist Howard Melnick. He has a way with smooth transitions between the complex riffs. Bassist, Miguel Sallons is exquisite and articulated and with his commandment of stage presence. He also showed me that there is passion for what he does in his soul.

I will be coming back for more of Astari Nite if they ever come around again.

~Rock On~
SnakPak Fennell

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