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As Lions and Goodbye June Stand Out Amongst Rockville Opening Acts

As Lions and Goodbye June Impress Rock Fans

Jacksonville Florida’s annual Welcome To Rockville festival brings metal, classic rock, alternative, and punk acts together downtown for two days of sweat, dirt, and good times. By mid-day Saturday two of the weekend’s stand out acts had already played, appearing on the same stages that bands like Soundgarden and Def Leppard would later grace. As Lions and Goodbye June both made the most of their short sets, bringing skill, charisma, and timeless influence onstage.

As Lions is a young, London based five-piece, led by Austin Dickinson, son of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. During their Rockville appearance, they played several tracks from their newly released full length debut Selfish Age. The record was produced by David Bendeth who has worked with Paramore and Of Mice and Men, a group which also played at this year’s Welcome To Rockville.

As Lions - Welcome to Rockville
As Lions – Welcome to Rockville

It is out now on US label Eleven Seven Music. As Lions brought a distinctly British presence and sex appeal to the River Stage. They were following heavy female-fronted Amsterdam act The Charm The Fury so it was an energy that the crowd craved. They had a great dynamic and interacted with the audience during their set in the center of the festival. The River Stage was later wrapped by Pierce the Veil. It seemed to be the stage with the youngest acts who also had a certain appeal to the youngest audiences. As they embark on a US and world tour this summer, As Lions is operating outside any shadows that could be cast by family history. They have a cool sound and  personable stage presence that was a pleasure to witness at Rockville.

Goodbye June was another stand out act from the weekend’s early afternoon sets. The group has their owns ties to classic rock, having toured with ZZ Top. The Nashville-based trio is comprised of first cousins who banded together through tragedy a decade ago, but they bring a positive and timeless energy to the stage.

There was an instant buzz during their set, which opened the main stage just after noon. They played from their August 2016 major-label debut, Danger in the Morning as well as older music. They were extremely gracious, with charisma that was never vulgar, kitschy, or over the top. It was a set filled with all american classic rock, worth arriving early for. They were a perfect act to open the main stage priming crowds for later big name acts like Coheed and Cambria and Soundgarden.

Goodbye June at Welcome To Rockville
Goodbye June at Welcome To Rockville

As their tour dates continue through 2017, they are a group whose classic hard rock sound will appeal to a more diverse range of audiences. It was well worth the sunburn to discover up and coming artists like Goodbye June and As Lions at Rockville 2017. Their charisma, roots, and talent were some of the best of the weekend and they both stood out even alongside the weekend’s big name performers.

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