Alright Kid

Alright Kid Time for our SOTD

YØUTH – “Alright, Kid”

Today’s Song of the Day comes to us from Nashville’s YØUTH. The band is the lovechild of the talented Julian Denté and the invigorating track is featured on the new album Blame.

“Alright Kid” features catchy hooks and soulful vocals.  The song is a refreshing reminder of what Alt-rock used to be… you know way back when the music actually rocked… It’s an alt-rock track that’s distinctive, creative and easy on the ears, and one with meaningful lyrical content.

Julian Denté shared, “I wrote ‘Alright Kid’ about a relationship I watched from afar, two people bringing their own issues into the same room and clinging to the connection they had, however unhealthy it was. It’s a slightly sarcastic dramatization of a typical bad relationship, the lyric is trying to both comfort and give some perspective to how insignificant a seemingly overwhelming problem/situation is. You’re gonna be alright, kid.”

Check Out “Alright Kid”:

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