Top Grossing Tours Of 2015

For anyone wondering why so many aging rock legends hobble back on stage to reunite for the one final, or “this time we really mean it” farewell tour, take a look at the cash they were able to stuff into their deep pockets. With nostalgic Baby Boomers more than willing to pull a few Franklins from their wallets to rekindle their early life memories, plenty of classic rock artists are cashing in.

The Big Ticket crowd
The Big Ticket crowd enjoying the music.

According to Statistica, here were the Top grossing rock tours of 2015. As an ominous sign for rock music aficionados, these six artists were the only representatives from the rock genre.

Fleetwood Mac – $92M
The Rolling Stones – $81M
Paul McCartney – $65M
Foo Fighters – $61M
Eagles – $46M
U2 – $40M

As a point of reference, the number one tour for the entire year was One Direction, who raked in a cool $108M.

Pulling in $90M for a few months of touring should be just the tonic to keep the five core members of Fleetwood Mac in each other’s good graces for another few years as they approach their 50th Anniversary in 2017. They’re still making new music, but there’s considerably more money to be made crawling out on stage for a few months.

Amazingly, the next two acts on the list have also been touring for 50+ years. Longevity and a huge collection of hits definitely pays dividends these days, and for Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones, it doesn’t hurt to have timeless, talented frontmen.

Dave Grohl is a relative babe compared to others on the list. He and his Foo Fighter bandmates have only been travelling the Sonic Highways for a relatively scant 20 years, as he continues his amazing post-Nirvana success.

McCartney, U2 and Foo Fighters are all planning 2016 tours, so we’ll also likely spot them on next year’s list, where I suspect they’ll be joined by The Boss…

Rock On!

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