Tiny Moving Parts Show Review

There aren’t many better ways to spend a Friday night in Orlando than catching an entertaining rock show at the cozy Backbooth downtown.  I recently caught Tiny Moving Parts at the cozy club on Pine Street.

For a band out of Minnesota, this group of brothers sure knows how to bring the heat. From the second they took the stage, you felt the entire atmosphere in the club change. The crowd moved closer together, and became one unit. They were ready, and so was the band.

Tiny Moving Parts really knew how to work the venue acoustically and their sound was rich. It filled the room without drowning it out, which can easily be a band’s Achilles heel in a smaller venue.

The stage presence of brothers William and Matthew Chevalier and their cousin Dylan Mattheisen was contagious, and the crowd ate it up.  I even had a hard time standing without rocking out a little myself. It was also very refreshing to see how they watched, and  congratulated all of their opening acts.

I believe there is much more in store for this young band, and they are more than worth a listening. Looking forward to seeing them again!

Check out their new video for “Headache”

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