Fun F’ing Song

You just have to love the chorus to “Avoiding Boys,” the bodacious new single from ROMP.
“I don’t care what you might say,
This is gonna be a great fucking day”

ROMP Group photo

Simply put, “Avoiding Boys,” the new single from New Brunswick, New Jersey’s ROMP is a fun fucking song. It’s breakneck punk pop, with catchy guitar hooks and a deliciously fun, memorable chorus. It’s the second single on their forthcoming debut album Departure From Venus on Bad Timing Records (release date 3/4) and along with the previously released “Last Kiss” a good indicator that we’re about to be treated to a strong album.

“Departure from Venus is really important to us as a band and to me personally. A lot of things in my life have changed in the past two years and this album covers a lot of those issues. We wrote these songs the same way we wrote the EP but this time we were much more intricate in our approach. As always, recording with Jesse Cannon was a fantastic experience. He always pushes us and brings out all of the right emotions at the right times. We’re proud of this record and excited to share it. ” – Madison Klarer, vocals/keyboards

Klarer’s distinctive vocals steal the spotlight, but the song also boasts some clever musical shifts. It’s a Surf Punks meets the Ronettes kind of feel that’s sweetly addictive. Listen to this 2 minutes and thirty seconds of ear candy and see for yourself.

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