Post Death Soundtrack – The Unlearning Curve – Album Review

Post Death Soundtrack 1Post Death Soundtrack is a trip-hop, psychedelic concoction from the vast spaces of Canada. Through the cheap travel of email, Post Death Soundtrack was able to piece together The Unlearning Curve, an ethereal, eerie, and abstract record that borders on an early industrial, new wave sound, albeit much calmer and sedate. The very tangible record walks a very thin tight rope, between uncomfortable and skittish beats, monotone vocals, and fluid orchestration. It’s an ambitious and challenging record that the listener can love and hate within the same verse chorus and verse of a song.

“You Can’t Go Back” follows that line of upbeat tempo being beaten to submission with heady and spun lyrics. “Beauty Eyes I Adore” follows the breath of an orchestra of voices conjuring an off kilter drum beat hitting a wall of sound. “Arrhythmia Dreaming” could be its namesake providing an uncomfortable and otherworldly mixture of computer bleeps that coalesce into the form of clodding horses. “Dance With the Devil” provides a beautiful string and guitar arrangement, with music that could very well be playing with the devil present. “Transform in White Light” is a brooding anti-pop song complete with sing along chorus.Post Death Soundtrack 2

For all the goods, the albums first track, “That Which Is”, is skip worthy and not the best first step forward. It would be a better song without the annoying “Not This” spoken word in the background. The track “Little Alice” is a close comparison to the oft-ridiculed, Axl Rose penned, “My World” from Use Your Illusion II and does not fit the narrative of the rest of the record. Those two songs, however, are small blemishes on an otherwise solid outing.

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