New Music from Three Cities

Just last week I received more than 100 music submittals from rock bands all over the world.  I listen to the stuff that intrigues me, and then decide to share less than 10% of what I hear.  This week, I got an email from Three Cities that intrigued me.

three cities

The email that caught my attention? One simple paragraph, clearly written by a real person.  Basically, “Here’s our song, listen to it, share it if you like it.”  So, I listened, and I liked it, and you’ll find it shared below.

The song, “Time Will Tell” is a hearty synth driven rocker comfortably reminiscent of Deep Purple.  The track, from their debut release For the Price of One, is a rollicking burner riding on the back of fantastically lush keyboards, nicely paired with smoking guitars and drums.   The instrumentation is strong, and provides an excellent bed for soulful Lenny Kravitz-esque vocals.

What’s old is new – Discover something fresh for your ears and see what you think?

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