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momsenI’ve dug through my emails and discovered a nice cross-section of new rock music for your weekend listening pleasure. You’ll find a few hugely successful artists on the list as well as a few folks you’ve probably never heard. Give them all a try and discover something new as we continue our crusade to shine a light on the best new rock music each week.

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  • The Pretty Reckless, “Take Me Down” – This is the best song I’ve heard in a months.  Taylor Momsen sounding as good as she ever has on a hard driving song that’s a true ode to rock ‘n roll.  This one is a timeless track that would’ve been a hit in any era of rock.
  • Sum 41, “God Save Us All (Death to Pop)” – The video starts with “The cool thing about playing rock music all over the world is that you get to share this unity with people and in my opinion, you only get that through rock music. Then they rip into an anthem in the waiting.  Crank this one up and enjoy the rock!
  • Such Gold, “Gut Rock” – Hard to classify these guys, but I think hard pop punk tells the story.  Another intriguing band from Upstate NY. It’s rock with a fun pop punk vibe, but there are clear underpinnings of guitar rock running just beneath the surface.  Good stuff.
  • Fort Lean, “New Hobbies” – Is there any place on the planet creating more compelling rock music than Brooklyn? This track is a lightning-paced, raucous romp from a talented band that has snatched our attention before.   The video gets a wee bit freaky at the end…
  • Raw Fabrics, “Slip Away – It’s a unique blend of funky techno rock that’s just a blast to listen to. Jack Bruno has pulled his shit together and he’s never sounded better.
  • Rising Down, “Harmony and Disconnect” – These talented local progressive rockers from Tampa deliver an intriguing opus. It’s a long meandering journey carried forward on intricate guitar pieces, powerful drums and distinctive vocals that’s definitely worth a listen.

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