New Alt-Rock from Green Day and more

green-dayA few fun Alt-Rock offerings on the radar for this Hump Day. Among the many dozens of songs floating across our eyes and ears in our InBox over the past week, these are our favorites from the Alt-Rock universe. Because you love this new music as much as we do, check out our Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post to sample a slew of our other favorites from over the past year.

  • Green Day, “Bang Bang” – The first single off of Revolution Radio is a flashback to their killer sound of American Idiot days. The new tour starts in a few weeks with the album release on October 7th. As an added bonus, this video was produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.
  • Grouplove, “Traumatized” – Cretin’s favorite song from the new album Big Mess (see the review here). This song is all over the place in a crazy distorted way, and all of the chaos and sweet vocals come together to create something special.
  • Doe, “Sincere” – A rollicking, tongue-in-cheek, fun poke at all you insincere guys out there. You know who you are, now go ahead and listen to the song and tell us how much you love it, because it’s pretty damn good.
  • CRX, “Ways To Fake It” – Nick Valensi’s new project and it’s very un-Strokeslike.  Slick pop rock, built on catchy guitar riffs and delicious melodies, it’s a contagious song  that’s going to get plenty of radio time.
  • Ceasefire, “Joyride” – It’s got a bit of that big John Waters, 80’s new wave feel to it, somewhat reminiscent of Ultravox, which is great with us, and it’s a blast to listen to.  Excellent, eminently likeable, pop rock with lasting power from this Orange County band.
  • The Brevet, “Embers” – An old school alt-rock love song.  It’s a beautiful, timeless song with luscious harmonies floating atop a romantic, uplifting musical bed.
  • Babaganjou, “Sorry” – We are always in the mood for some tasty Australian pop-rock and this female fronted act reappears on our radar with this infectious slice of pop rock that will leave you spinning across the floor.

And, check out some other killer new music we’ve dug up for your enjoyment here: RARA’s Fresh Crops
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