More Impressive Local Music at FMF

We were back in Downtown Orlando for another excellent sampling of Orlando’s vibrant music scene on Friday night. This time, we brought along excellent local photographer Jay Verdesca who helped capture the night in photographs.

Florida Music festival-11
Ryan McKenzie – Photo: Jay Verdesca

We focused on Orlando area acts on this night, and were not disappointed in the diverse offerings we sampled. Threatening weather cleared up around 8:00 and opened the floodgates for tasty local music.

Highlighted artists (in the order we saw them) included the following:

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  • Floodwork – This fresh new quartet from Winter Park was the first band to impress. With a comfortable rock sound reminiscent of early 90’s pop rock they served up very likeable stuff.

    Floodwork FMF Photo: Jay Verdesca
    Floodwork performing on the Church Street Stage at FMF. Photo: Jay Verdesca
  • Felicity: They set the bar early with a raucous set, that had the band members flying around the stage, leaping all over the place and generally delivering a fun pop punk party to their eager fans.

    Felicity FMF 2016. Photo: Jay Verdesca
    Felicity putting on an explosive show at FMF. Photo: Jay Verdesca
  • Bailey Callahan: This young lady is 16!  She dished out an entertaining set of pop with a bit of a country vibe.  She’s polished, with a beautiful voice and an engaging personality.

    Bailey Callahan FMF. Photo - Jay Verdesca
    Bailey Callahan commanding the stage at FMF. Photo – Jay Verdesca
  • Ryan McKenzie: This young performer has fantastic potential. He’s entertaining on stage, quite talented, boasts a distinctive voice and so damn easy to like.  He suffered through a tragic week, and then killed in on stage. Big things in store for this Virginia transplant.

    FMF 2016  Ryan McKenzie. Photo: Jay Verdesca.
    The multi-talented Ryan McKenzie. Photo: Jay Verdesca.
  • Beemo: Cool sound for this quartet. Lots of string instruments and a unique sound.  They seemed to be the perfect fit for Cheyenne Saloon.

    Beemo FMF 2016 Cheyenne Saloon - Photo: Jay Verdesca
    Beemo – Photo: Jay Verdesca
  • The Steppin Stones:  Holy Shit – I know that’s not very professional, but… holy shit this band is talented.  Hannah Wicklund fronts this band from Charleston and she is just phenomenal. Tremendous guitar chops and a gritty voice perfectly suited for rock ‘n roll, and the rest of her band was tight, too.

    Hannah Wicklund Charleston The Steppin Stones Photo: Jay Verdesca
    Hannah Wicklund of Charleston’s The Steppin Stones. Photo: Jay Verdesca

It was another excellent night of music on the streets and in the halls of Downtown Orlando.  We bumped into friends from Beebs And Her Moneymakers, Kasson, A Brilliant Lie, Gary Lazer Eyes, Blaine The Mono, Dru Cutler and many others on the street, but next year, we need to see you there, too!

For us, two memorable, enjoyable days, and I’m already looking forward to 2017, as the event continues to get better every year! (Check out our thoughts on Dru Cutler, Reverist and our other Thursday night favorites here: Day 1 of FMF 2016)

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FMF 2016 Fans Coors Light. Photo: Jay Verdesca
Two local fans enjoying the music. Photo: Jay Verdesca

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