Meet Orlando’s Sweet Cambodia

Sweet Cambodia is a new Orlando rock band on the cusp of bigger things. Their music is distinctively likeable and very hard to categorize. It’s fun music with a definite Florida feel that could best be described as funky-laced ska.

Sweet cambodia tasty

We recently interviewed the band as they prepare for the digital release of their new EP, Tasty, and we also get a sneak peek at their brand new single “Cold Copper.”

Cretin: The four band members were not originally from Orlando. What brought you all together?
Sweet Cambodia: Each of us come to Orlando for musical opportunity. Bigger pond means more fish. The resources were apparent.  Eric, and I met in the hallway at college; had a jam session and the connection was clear. Eventually, Donnie was at an audition when we were transitioning drummers, and lastly Yante joined because Donnie knew him from his home town.

Cretin: Your music offers a laid back, kicking on the porch kind of feel. How would you characterize your sound?
Sweet Cambodia: I would say it’s very evolving, and each song offers its own specialization. But I’ll say that it ranges from angsty Rock ‘n roll to mellow love songs.

Cretin: Do you play in Central Florida often? If so, any favorite venues?
Sweet Cambodia: Well, we are currently based out of Orlando. So we like to make sure we perform often on our home turf.  We love to play Woodstock Orlando. Funky vibes and the people are just wild.

Cretin: How fertile is Orlando as a place for new rock music to emerge?
Sweet Cambodia: I would say the opportunity is right there in front of everyone in O-town. It’s just a matter of working for it. We’ve heard some interesting sounds out there.

Cretin: Which bands were influences for Sweet Cambodia?
Sweet Cambodia: That is hard to answer because each member has very different influences. If I were to answer to the best of my ability the bands greatest influences would be the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chon, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, and Sublime.

Cretin: Tell us about the band’s name:
Sweet Cambodia: So were down in the Caribbean visiting Yante’s aunt. We have a couple hours to kill before dinner with her. So we go down into town, and we hang around some artisan vendors. We start talking with locals, just shooting the breeze. While talking to one of them this guy “Biggs” starts telling us he been riding a pogo stick since he was a kid. Boasting about how Good he is. We start mad talking smack. Saying Eric can bounce on it around better than he can. Next thing we know Eric’s hopping around on this pogo stick like a madman, but getting full of himself he fails to see this sticky spot of mud. The pogo stick breaks in half, Launches himself off the stick. Nearly breaks his neck. Biggs runs up screaming “that was so SWEEEET mon” while laughing hysterically.

Eric complains about it being a cheap China made pogo stick. Which Donnie responds with ” NOPE it was made in Cambodia !” as he pulls the other half of the pogo out of the mud.  The band couldn’t believe what we just saw. One of the sweetest moves done on a Cambodian pogo stick.

sweet cambodia

Cretin: When can local fans expect to see Tasty, the new EP released?
Sweet Cambodia: Well the exclusive physical release took place in May, but the digital international release should be end of June or early July!

Cretin: What’s the vibe at a Sweet Cambodia live gig?
Sweet Cambodia: At a gig it isn’t us playing music while you party. it’s us playing music while partying with the crowd. It gets super dancey at some points. At others it’s a concoction of moshing, and funky moves.

Cretin: When’s the next chance to catch the band in the area?
Sweet Cambodia: We’re playing a show at Orlando Woodstock June 11th.

Cretin: How can they get their hands on the music?
Sweet Cambodia: We are progressively releasing singles from our E.P. Tasty. You can find the first two on

And, you can check out their brand new single “Cold Copper”

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