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Lacey Sturm: Family, Faith and Rock ‘n Roll

Lacey Sturm Interview

I recently caught Lacey Sturm performing at both Earthday Birthday and Welcome To Rockville, and I had the chance to sit down for what became a fantastic look into the life and mind of this talented and passionate performer.  There’s a lot of info here, so today, we start with Part 1 of our Lacey Sturm Interview.

Lacey Sturm at Welcome To Rockville. Photo: Jackie Creedon.
Lacey Sturm at Welcome To Rockville. Photo: Jackie Creedon.

Cretin: I have a confession to make; I originally thought your name was Strum and not Sturm

Lacey Sturm: It’s funny, that happens a lot.  Sturm is actually the German word for “Storm.”

Cretin: Does that fit your personality?

Lacey Sturm: You’d have to ask my husband, but he’d probably say “Yes.”

Cretin: So let me start off with congratulations, as you’ve recently become the first female solo artist to have an album debut at #1 on the rock charts.

Lacey Sturm: Thank you.  That’s a crazy thing that happened. I don’t know what to think about it; it’s so weird, but amazing at the same time.

Cretin: What has been the overall response to Life Screams?

Lacey Sturm: I’m really proud of the album and I love it, and that really was the goal.  So it was successful already. The fact that people love it and get it. is just so cool. This time around for me is really just for the love of it and if people love it, too, that’s just a bonus. It’s been an amazing response and it’s so cool we get to be a part of bringing some great music to someone’s life.

Cretin: What was the creative process like for Life Screams? Did you write it all yourself?

Lacey Sturm: There were a couple of times where I went and wrote with some friends of mine. I wrote with Korey Cooper from Skillet. We became friends when we toured with them several years ago when they first came out.  I think they opened for us first, and then they got huge.

Cretin: That was during your Flyleaf timeframe?

Lacey Sturm: That’s when we met the first time, and she was just such a rock star – such a hero to me. She’s a great mom, a great role model and I admire her so much and it was so cool we got to write together; we really worked well together.

Cretin: Sounds like an awesome relationship.

Lacey Sturm: I also got to write with David Hodges who worked on the first Evanescence record and who has worked with lots of artists since then. When I worked with him it was so easy and friendly. He has little girls and we went to his house and got to watch them play and it felt like friends, not work – having fun and doing what you love. The rest were written at my house by my husband and I.(Lacey’s husband Josh Sturm plays guitar in her new band.)

Cretin: How has being a mother factored into your life as a musician?

Lacey Sturm: My kids help make things more creative. It all depends on how you view your family. Sometimes it can feel like it is taking away and can feel as a burden, but if you look at it as a blessing, you can incorporate it for the better, and make your priorities whatever you want.

Cretin: How old are your kids?

Lacey Sturm: Four and Two.

Lacey's children on stage before her Welcome To Rockville set. Photo: Jackie Creedon.
Lacey’s children on stage before her Welcome To Rockville set. Photo: Jackie Creedon.

Cretin: What a fun age.  I have four of my own, and I miss those years.

Lacey Sturm: That’s awesome. I want to have lots of kids.

Cretin: Do they travel with you?

Lacey Sturm: Yeah, and they’re having a fun time. This is the first time they’ve been on a tour with us where they can really enjoy what’s happening. It’s been an amazing adventure for them, and for us, too. We have a lot more time together and they love that, and I love that.

Cretin: You have a very loyal fan, Tiffany Crone, who was passionate about the way that you’ve become an inspiration for her and that you being a successful performer and mother and working your way through troubled times has helped inspire her to work through challenges. Do you hear that often?

Lacey Sturm:  That was my prayer; that I would be able to use things that I’ve been through in a way that would help people get through them. I’m not just interested in entertaining people. I’d rather just raise my kids, but if something I went through is going to help somebody, then it feels a little more worth it.

Cretin: From what I have seen online, you are touching a lot of lives, particularly with women.

Lacey Sturm: It’s worth it, because it doesn’t always feel that way.  Same as marriage, it doesn’t always feel that way but when you realize it’s a gift and you start to look at it that way, then you start to recognize those great moments that are worth it all.

Cretin: They’re the important moments.

Lacey Sturm: My last album with Flyleaf was Memento Mori which means ‘remember you’re mortal.’  Remember that you’re going to die someday, so what are you going to do with your life now? That helped me make the decision to leave Flyleaf. I wanted to learn what it means to be a mom.  I want to learn how to tour and be a mom.

Cretin: That’s a big challenge.

Lacey Sturm: I had to make a decision that if this is my last day, how do I want to spend it? I want to spend it with my kids and focus on life with the kids and how to make them feel loved. Once we got our feet under us and found that this was possible, we felt it would actually be good for them.

Cretin: That’s a refreshing outlook.

Lacey Sturm: We want to make light in dark places. I was in really dark places when I was younger, and it was people who made art that was filled with light that helped me get through.  Getting to do that and show our kids is what it’s all about.

Lacey Sturm commanding the stage. Photo: Jackie Creedon.
Lacey Sturm commanding the stage. Photo: Jackie Creedon.

Cretin: That’s a beautiful thing. I almost feel I should ignore the rest of my questions and end this interview right here.  But let me switch the subject.  You are playing on the acoustic stage here at Earthday Birthday.  Are you going to actually play acoustic?

Lacey Sturm: My husband’s going to play the acoustic guitar and I’m just going to sing behind him, just me and him.

Cretin: I had to ask, because Drowning Pool played here earlier, and they were definitely not acoustic.

Lacey Sturm: I know, I was wondering, this is supposed to be acoustic, right?

Cretin: So, you’re playing some festivals in the near future.

Lacey Sturm: Yes, we’re playing about five.  We’ll be at Welcome To Rockville with the full band. We’re also at Carolina Rebellion, BFD in Dallas and Rock On The Range in Ohio.

Cretin: Who are some of your influences from the rock world?

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