“In Case You Just Tuned In” White Label Analog Review

wla logoBringing power pop and rock and roll together is a difficult feat. Austin, Texas band White Label Analog ruffles these genres together to get their sultry but dancey sound. Upbeat and tangy, the keyboard synthesizer brings their melodies to another level.

The first song, I will be honest, was not my favorite. Generally, I expect the first song to set the mood for the rest of the album by giving you a taste of what the band has to offer. This wasn’t the case as I felt that this was one of their weakest offerings.

The album starts off with “Awakened by the Fire,” a song that supports their multi-genre differences in an odd way. It’s jumpy and overproduced, but the song does capture the groovy feel they want to have, but I felt there was no real connection between the chorus, verses,  etc…

I was nicely surprised by the rest of the album as the songs got progressively better. As the tracks advanced, it seemed like they were a better fit for their style. All of the songs featured little pokes to other sounds which I really appreciated. The first song had some beachy vibes, others were sexy, and some were just straight-forward fun. White Label Analog took it by the horns and tamed the beast as the keyboard and rock started to marry. Songs like “Echoes”, “Al Capone”, and “Off the Wall” were my favorites.


Lyrically the hooks were cliché and easy, but catchy nonetheless. They lacked the depth I was looking for to match their sound. Of course like any album, some songs on In Case You Just Tuned In were not as strong as others but their weaker songs really pulled at the strong ones.

Overall, the album was adequately put together. They still have room to grow and evolve their sound, but there’s some promise on In Case You Just Tuned In, and I look forward to other releases from this band.

You can support the band on their first US Tour this fall by visiting their IndieGoGo page HERE.

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