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Australian rock band Hands Like Houses is set to release Dissonants, their third studio album, this Friday February 26th, and it’s a sweeping rock ‘n roll album worthy of attention. I love the apt title, Dissonants, a phrase that refers to two music components that don’t seem to be in harmony with each other. From a fan of innovative rock, dissonance often leads to fantastic creative music.

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The new release from the Australian quintet is not your cookie cutter formulaic rock; instead, it offers thunderous rock music, intertwined with soaring emotive vocals. It’s a bit different than most music in the genre, and a refreshing change of pace.

Dissonants is laced with hearty arena rock ready staples, including the first single, “I Am,” a scorching burner that starts off the album masterfully. It’s paced by sharp guitar riffs, thunderous drums and the powerful vocals of Trenton Woodley. It’s a chest thrusting anthem about being the difference: “You’re one of a thousand voices, In my head that all just sound the same. If I will make a change, It’s by my words and not my name.”

They note a diverse cast of influences including Linkin Park, Deftones and Thrice, and you can see each of those influences peek through on the creative and powerful “Perspectives.” The song deftly weaves in and out of a few genres, while building into a hearty rock offering.

Their music seems perfectly suited for a live setting, and that’s likely driven by the fact that this quintet spends a ton of time on the road including recent travels with Vans Warped Tour, Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. “We spend our life on the road, where playing live has shown us not only which songs the crowd is most responsive to, but also which songs we enjoy playing the most,” Woodley explains. “This album captures so much of that intense energy.”

“Colourblind” is my favorite track, a poignant song that deftly weaves between a tender plea and a frenetic mandate to the listeners.  The song is an offering to be more tolerant of other perspectives, and to help end some of the extreme politics that trouble the world today.

I also enjoyed “Degrees of Separation,” one of the more melodic offerings, but also a track with an interesting back story, as the song refers to the band’s hemispheric traveling patterns that left them in and endless 18 month cycle of Winter.

Throughout the dozen songs on the album, there are selections for every rock ‘n roll palate, and it’s an album deserving of a listen or two.  Get this music in your ears, before this band explodes onto the American hard rock scene.

Dissonants, a Rise Records release, was produced by James Paul Wisner of Paramore fame. He also produced the band’s last album, 2013’s Unimagine, and can be order at the link below.

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