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Gutxi Bibang – System of a Gun

True story: I just had diversity training this week at the office, and it was very impactful to me. I honestly never thought of myself as biased against any group of people because of race, ethnicity, religion, etc., and then I saw an email with new music from Gutxi Bibang. What did I do?

I was about to delete the email without reading the message, or listening to the music. Why? because I did have an unconscious bias against names (or nationalities) that don’t sound like typical rockers… and Gutxi Bibang was anything but traditional.  Luckily, I caught myself before I hit the Delete key because this stuff is special.

Gutxi Bibang is a second-generation African from the Basque county of Spain, but more importantly he’s a dynamic rocker just dripping with charisma.  His new song “System of a Gun” is a straight-forward, balls-to-the-wall rocker that would have fit perfectly in the 70’s classic rock scene.  Screaming guitar riffs and catchy lyrics make this a song that will appeal to any rock music fan.

Check it out here, and then continue to read a quick Q&A with tihs

Quick Interview with Gutxi Bibang

Cretin: “System of a Gun” had me flashing back to Big 70s stadium rock – any influences from that era?

Gutxi Bibang: I love The Doors,The Who,Pink Floyd,The Stooges,T-Rex..All of these bands have influenced me somehow.

Cretin: Thoughts on coming to America for the first time and any future tours here?

Gutxi Bibang: I’m actually in NYC right now, I played my first American gig last night. People’s response has been amazing . I’d love to come back and to do a proper tour ASAP.

Cretin: Meaning of the “System of a Gun” lyrics?

Gutxi Bibang: This song is about government corruption and social injustices… with all that’s going on in this year’s politics, how can you not speak your mind?

“System of a Gun” is a song that you need to hear. Crank it up loud and let the music do the rest.

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