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Amthony Green Show Review

Anthony Green at The Social - Photo: Ronni VillanuevaAnthony Green at The Social - Photo: Ronni Villanueva
Anthony Green at The Social – Photo: Ronni Villanueva

If you weren’t at the Anthony Green show this weekend, you sure missed one hell of an entertaining night. On his current tour for his freshly released album, Pixie Queen, Green made a stop at Orlando’s The Social. It was a night of pure fun, singing your heart out, and celebration.

Anthony Green has become one of my favorite musicians. That is primarily driven by the fact  that his passion for what he does shows immensely every time he plays. His soulful voice is one which compels many others to sing along, and watching him live is a completely surreal experience; one that left me feeling as if I was in a dream.

The night started off and ended with everyone in the house belting all the words to each and every song. In between all the “I love you’s” and stating how cool he thought everyone was, Green shared “You make me so happy when you do shit like that.” He is definitely an artist that respects his fans as much as they respect him. It was nice to see him remember some fans in the audience, claiming to have “weird times” with them and calling them by name.

Anthony Green at The Social - Photo: Ronni Villanueva
Anthony Green at The Social – Photo: Ronni Villanueva

Green also knows how to keep crowds more than captivated throughout the show. On this night at The Social, there were moments with lighters and swaying as well as near-mosh-pit moments. The energy of the crowd was unreal. In the middle of the show, he took a picture of the audience holding up a vinyl copy of Pixie Queen and before the double encore, he played around with the crowd, tossing blueberries into people’s mouths. Everyone was engaged and he claimed that this was his favorite show of his tour so far.

His show was filled with constant smiling, dancing, and ultimate gratitude for his fans. He also talked about how The Social is always a great experience, and it’s not justified to being called that because of it’s grandeur. It’s safe to say that Orlando and the Social think you’re a great experience too, Anthony Green.

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