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Pink Talking Fish Interview

Pink Talking Fish is one of the more unique rock bands touring the planet these days, and we recently caught up with one of the band founders, Eric Gould to chat about their unique spin on rock ‘n roll.
PTF at Luna Light

RARAsFarm: How would you describe your show for someone who has never seen you before?

Eric Gould – PTF: We combine the music of Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads and Phish into one live experience that gives people a fresh perspective of songs they know and love. It is a rollercoaster of musical emotion and a really fun time!

RARAsFarm: The fusion of Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads and Phish. That’s intriguing as hell, but where did that idea come from?

Eric Gould – PTF: I created the idea of Pink Talking Fish when I spent some time in Kansas City. My previous national act, Particle, performed more originals with select cover songs but, when I arrived in KC, I found myself performing in some pickup bands and playing cover songs that I knew and loved but had never felt under my fingers. Diving into other artists’ repertoires was exciting and made me a better player while inspiring me to think differently as an artist.

I developed a desire to design a tribute project that was a unique concept. The idea came to fuse together a few of my favorite bands that would mesh well and these three easily surfaced. Phish had connections to both of the other bands and the overall emotion and variation of rhythms presented an interesting puzzle to me. I wrote a mock setlist out and, once I saw the potential on paper, it was clear that this could be something very special.

The beauty of this project is that we take these beloved songbooks and present them through a unique show where lovers of the music can experience it in a new way. While we honor the material and take that very seriously, we also blur the lines of tribute and originality through the design of the setlists and the transitional connections in the grooves and melodies.

RARAsFarm: Sounds interesting. So, I love Pink Floyd and The Talking Heads, but I’m not much a Phish fan, will I still fully appreciate the show?

Eric Gould – PTF: Absolutely. We have people who are front row and raging when a Talking Heads song comes up, but when we sink into a Floyd song they fall back into the crowd. I really enjoy speaking to these music fans after a show and most of the time they tell me that, even though they aren’t a fan of one or two of the acts we tribute, they still appreciated and enjoyed the entire experience and the connecting design.

There are many people who have come to our shows and developed a new appreciation for one of the bands after experiencing the songs blended in with material that they know and love.

We don’t just stick with the hits. We love to play rare tracks from all three acts and it is fun when there are the select few that know the songs and cannot believe they are hearing a live version. Lots of people who come to see us are excited to open their mind to fresh material in the deep cuts of the songbooks. We have a very adventurous fanbase.

Pink Talking Fish band photo


RARAsFarm: Your band takes existing songs and albums and reimagines them in a very creative fashion, did the band members come from original bands at one time, or is this the case of a cover band who found a novel approach to covering music?
Eric Gould – PTF: We’ve all been involved in original acts. Both Richard James and I have developed original acts on a national level. Richard James still tours his act, Richard James & The Name Changers, around the northeast circuit. I am a founding member of the electro/funk outfit, Particle. I stepped away from the band a couple years ago and wound up creating Pink Talking Fish.

RARAsFarm: The musicianship is quite impressive – what kind of training do any of the members possess?

Eric Gould – PTF: Two of our members went to Berkeley School of Music: Dave Brunyak (guitar) and Richard James (keyboards) and two of our members are self taught: Zack Burwick (drums) and Eric Gould (bass)

RARAsFarm: You weaved in a tribute to Bowie shortly after his death – will we see a taste of that when you play Florida next week? How about Prince?

Eric Gould – PTF: I’ll never tell! We had so much fun adding the Bowie songs into the mix. They really blend well.

RARAsFarm: Have you played The Plaza in Orlando or any of the other Florida venues in your past?

Eric Gould – PTF: We’ve been to Florida a handful of times. Just performed at The Plaza in December of 2015. We have also performed at premiere venues all around Florida such as Revolution Live in Ft Lauderdale, The State Theater in St Pete and The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton. We have also been a part of Wanee Music Festival and AURA Music Festival at Spirit of Suwanee in Live Oak.

Catch them in Florida:
5/19/2016 Plaza Live – Orlando, FL
5/20/16 Revolution Live – Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/21/16 State Theatre – Saint Petersburg, FL

And, as a special perk to Orlando area fans, the show on the 19th at Plaza Live is offering free General Admission tickets.  Snag you tickets and get more info here: TicketFly Free Tickets85-og

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