Get Ready for FMF 2016

The Florida Music Festival is one of my favorite musical events in the state, and the 2016 version kicks off this Thursday, April 21st. And, just like last year, the music is free – so get your asses out to downtown Orlando this weekend – no excuses…

FMF 2016

There is no better way to gain exposure to the best new music in the State and beyond. Three days of diverse music spread across venues throughout Orlando. The music kicks off Thursday evening with our favorite discovery last year, Gary Lazer Eyes at 6:30 at Cheyenne Saloon. (Read our review from the 2015 Florida Music Festival here.)

A few bands we highly recommend:

  • Thursday: Gary Lazer Eyes (Cheyenne, 6:30), Blaine The Mono (Cheyenne. 9:30), Sh-Booms (Social, 11:30), Groove Orient (Wall Street, 9:30), Jonnie Morgan Band (Wall Street, 10:00)
  • Friday: Keith Eaton (Magnolia, 8:45), Bailey Callahan (Cheyenne, 9:30), Carly Jo Jackson (Cheyenne, 11:30), Felicity (Wall Street, 8:00), Beebs and Her Moneymakers (Wall Street, 11:30), Mellow Relics (Tanquerays, 12:00)
  • Saturday: Jocelyn and Chris Arndt (Cheyenne, 8:00), The Getbye (Wall Street, 6:30), Sleeping With Sunshine (Church St, 7:30), Kasson (Wall Street, 10:00), Hor!zen (Wall Street, 10:30), Supervillains (Wall Street, 11:30)

These artists are all definitely worth a visit, but take some chances on acts you’ve never heard, too.  Our favorite artist last year was unknown to us until we saw them take the stage…


Three days, eight venues, 100 bands, and it’s all free.  So, get out to the festival and support these hard-working under-appreciated bands, and bring some cash to purchase some music and merch from these talented musicians.

And, if you want to learn more about the music industry, sign up for the conference, as well.  There are three days of events including some killer speakers and panels.  Get more info here: FMF 2016 Conference.

Make sure you check back here and on our Social networks for plenty of coverage during and after the event. The full lineup and set times are provided below.

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Rock On!



Thursday, April 21st

Cheyenne Saloon:
6:30pm: Gary Lazer Eyes
7:30pm: Dru Cutler
8:30pm: Nora’s Breakfast Club
9:30pm: Blaine The Mono
10:30pm: Haze Over Hollywood

The Social: This Little Underground Presents…
7:30pm: Mike Dunn
8:30pm: Project Eden
9:30pm: Panther Camp
10:30pm: Reverist
11:30pm: The Sh-Booms

Wall Street Plaza I:
6:00pm: Call to Start
7:00pm: Dane Myers
8:00pm: Coastal Breed
9:00pm: Hoyle
10:00pm: Jonnie Morgan Band

Wall Street Plaza II:
6:30pm: TBA
7:30pm: Casey Conroy
8:30pm: Julia McDonald
9:30pm: The Groove Orient

10:00pm: Leisure Chief

Backbooth: Unofficial Venue (Door Charge)
8:30pm: Sweet Bea & The Boys
10:00pm: The Main Squeeze



Cheyenne Saloon:
6:30pm: Solomon Jaye
7:30pm: Paige Keiner
8:30pm: Cat Ridgeway & The Tourists
9:30pm: Bailey Callahan
10:30pm: Beemo
11:30pm: Carly Jo Jackson
12:30am: Alex Hayes

Church Street Station:
6:00pm: Hot Pink
8:00pm: Floodwork
9:00pm: Gatlin Thornton
10:00pm: Ryan Mckenzie
11:00pm: Versions of People

Ferg’s Depot: Alive@5 Sessions
5:30pm: Brent Byrd
6:15pm: Layla Brisbois
7:00pm: Victoria Lyn
7:45pm: Taylor Loren
8:30pm: Ashley Leone

8:00pm: Joshua Hoffman
8:45pm: Keith Eaton
9:30pm: Victoria Lyn
10:15pm: Shawn Scheller

10:00pm: Oklahoma Stackhouse
12:00am: Mellow Relics

Wall Street Plaza I:
6:00pm: Maggie Baugh
7:00pm: Evan Taylor Jones
8:00pm: Felicity
9:00pm: Bastion
10:00pm: Forget Myself
11:30pm: Beebs and Her Moneymakers

Wall Street Plaza II:
5:30pm: Jason Grillo
6:30pm: Orange Blossom Trio
7:30pm: Destiny
8:30pm: Davis McGee
9:30pm: Death Valley Dreams
10:30pm: The Steppin Stones


Bullitt Bar:
9:30pm: Devmo
10:30pm: Freedom Fighterz

Cheyenne Saloon:
6:00pm: Andrew Allen Trio
7:00pm: The Band J4
8:00pm: Jocelyn and Chris Arndt Band
9:00pm: 90 Proof Twang
10:00pm: Diamond Dixie
11:00pm: Jill’s Cashbox
12:00am: JunoSmile

Church Street Station:
7:30pm: Sleeping with Sunshine
8:30pm: Sunghosts
9:30pm: Yardij
10:30pm: Plane versus Cult
11:30pm: Billy Wright Band
12:30am: American Party Machine

7:00pm: Taylor Raynor
8:00pm: Nicholas Roberts
8:45pm: Amber Lynn Nicol

10:00pm: 8 Stories High

The Plaza Theater: Kasa: Closing Party
7:00pm: Fretless Rock

Wall Street Plaza I:
3:30pm: O-Sky
4:30pm: School of Rock
5:30pm: Eden Shireen
6:30pm: The Getbye
7:30pm: Sarah Q
8:30pm: The Bloody Jug Band
9:30pm: I-Resolution
10:30pm: Hor!zen

Wall Street Plaza II:
6:00pm: Army Gideon
7:00pm: Aymber
8:00pm: King Complex
9:00pm: On The Avenue
10:00pm: Kasson
11:00pm: Violectric

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