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The Rival Sands Album Review

The Rival Sands album coverPowerful and moving, indie rock band The Rival, bring their A-game to listeners on their new EP Sands.  The EP is the Nashville duo’s second in a planned three release set, and it is a collection definitely worthy of more attention.

Let me start off by saying that I wish there were more songs in this EP. I could not get enough of their velvety guitar riffs and ethereal vocals. Each song picks you up and places you somewhere else. Swiftly and smoothly, the songs had buildups that were intense with breakdowns to match.

With a sound that resembles the desert indie rock of The Killers, coupled with an energetic dance vibe reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club, The Rival deliver something totally fresh to the table. As I listened to Sands, it felt like I was going through a journey led by their music.

the rival band

Their urban drums make you touch the beat while the vocals let you float along the refreshing river that is their sound. The punchy basslines keep you grounded when at the same time you almost get lost listening to the guitar. Everything was so cohesive and my eardrums were tantalized by their music.

These dudes are definitely in their element when it comes to this type of music. Each song had me bobbing my head along, and trust me, I really got into it. I am looking forward to their release on October 7th, when everyone else gets a chance to sample their creations.

In the meantime, check out their first single from the EP. “My Own Devices”

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