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We recently wrote about the fantastic new single from Chapell, “Giving Her More,” which was one of our favorite new songs back in December, and later this week, we get to hear the entire debut album, The Redhead’s Allegations.

Alan Chapell’s intimate vocals dominate the record, which is extremely well-produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads fame. He’s an under-appreciated musician and producer who was lost a bit in David Byrne’s shadow, but he’s a musical genius and certainly a valuable contributor to the quality of the album.

The Redhead’s Allegations offers a healthy serving of tasty pop rock, with a bit of a leaning towards the more poppy side. There are a handful of strong tracks on the album which could be destined for Adult Contemporary chart success.  I found similarities to 80’s Little River Band, and certainly had numerous occasions where I experienced  comfortable flashbacks to Steven Page’s distinctive voice.


The first single. the aforementioned “Giving Her More” is the best track on the album but there’s plenty of other quality on the LP.  “The Highline” which is the inspiration for the album title was another unexpected highlight with several intricate musical surprises and subtle arrangements.

Songs such as “The Game,” “Seventeen,” and the bouncy “Iggy” are likable foot tappers that grew on me with each listen, whereas “Cornelia Lane” is a more gentle piano carried, stylistic piece highlighted by sweet male/female harmonies.  Many of the songs feature vignettes of life in New York City, which made it more appealing for a former denizen of the area.

There were times, though, that I felt like Chapell was trying to do too much.  The perfect example is “Heroes,” a song that doesn’t seem like it knows what it wants to be.  The production is decent, but there’s just too much going on.

All told, The Redhead’s Allegations is an album definitely worth a listen for any fans of well-produced intelligent pop rock. Check it out, available on iTunes, TuneCore, and Amazon for purchase and streaming on Spotify Friday, March 4th. You can see the full track listing below.

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Track Listing
Giving Her More
The Game
A Change
Cornelia Lane
The Highline
The Light

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