American Killers – Real Rock Returns

I have always been a fan of threesomes…

Both on a very personal level, as well as from the perspective of the power trio. I can rattle of many of my most favorite bands….. Rush, Nirvana, Motorhead, Cream, Melvins….. All effortlessly more powerful, more graceful, and sexier than their 4 and 5 person counterparts.

American Killers YOung Blood EP Album Cover

There is something to be said for a group of three musicians putting up a wall of raw energy, desolate fuzz, and grueling low-end bass with lightning emanating from a corona of sound. American Killers and their debut EP Young Blood share in that sentiment and draw from those that came before.

Their debut 5 song EP is filled with raucous, punky, grungy, glam-sleaze and it points to a glaring hole in rock music today filled only by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. Every song on the record is a gift.

The slinky, striptease churn of lead single “Big City” could fit nicely right between Bad Company and ZZ Top on a 70’s compilation record. Album opener “There Will Be Blood” is part legit stadium, arena, hot-air balloon, fist-pumping blitz; part lung heaving, live action, with kung fu grip. “Starlight Nation” ramps up the glam as the love child of T-Rex, and Smashing Pumpkins. “Napalm” drives the sludge bus, and “Maximum Overdrive” offers a glimpse of influence from their Sacramento brethren in Deftones.

American Killers Band

With that said, I must admit that it is refreshing to hear really good rock ‘n roll. I often get tired and bored of the aggro-macho of radio rock, and feel that the new generation is ok with its mediocrity. Modern “alternative” and “indie” has run into the realm of feel-good 80’s end of movie credits poop-hooks… which is fine when it’s done right. With all the focus on production, image, and heaviness, seems that some have forgotten to write good songs, American Killers, Young Blood does not disappoint.

Rock On!
Brian Furman

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