Album Review: The Slang – Night and Day

the-slangThe Slang are a duo with a shiny gloss of pop spraypaint, catchy hooks, and radio-friendly alterna-rock. The duo of John Bobo and John Newsome took their talents to a Nashville studio and followed the prescription for feel good rock destined for a sunset trip down a California coastal highway. The group found their footing with their songs featured on the HBO and USA networks, and showcased slots at premier industry acronyms including MPMF, CMJ, and INXE.

slang-2Everything about the EP is reminiscent of the end credits of a coming of age film. “Ballad of Everything” is an alterna-pop classic that  rings sick for the montage in the middle of the film where the main characters have hit some type of rock bottom. “Breakthrough” is when they all become friends again. “Night and Day” is the most rockin’ song on the album with an earworm of a guitar riff that will cement itself to your brain. “Remember to Forget” would certainly be the end credits song as we fade from the final shot of a group of friends sitting on the beach at sunset with all of them moving onto unrealistic adult beginnings, or something like that….

And it sounds like I’m making fun of the “OC”-ness of the EP. But I am most certainly not. These are great songs, even if we should listen to them while staring at a lake on the edge of a forest. We all secretly wish for end of movie songs, because we all secretly wish for that feeling…. And we should all just admit it.

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