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meshuggah28082013You know what?…. I don’t much care for music snobs… I fall into the “if it’s good, than it’s fucking good, and there is nothing you can do about it…club” I love the blistering, continental drift of Meshuggah, as much as I love the inspirational groove of Stevie Wonder, I fall for Gordon Lightfoot every time, Mike Patton is my hero, and good lord the synth-driven songwriting of Tear For Fears is stellar.

Gordon LightfootTears-For-Fears-Change---Withdraw-491111

Tears for fucking Fears….. they are sooooo good, I firmly stand behind that comment….

And so what…. The Backstreet Boys are stupid, but even those that lack a little substance have shitty, catchy, songs that you find humming when mowing the yard.

And don’t deny if I start singing “Shake it Off” you won’t finish the chorus for me.

You at least need to give them props for putting themselves out there, and doing something they love.

Which brings me to Christopher Sluka. Sluka is an unassuming musician with 10 albums behind him. Albums you have never heard of cause he caught on in Japan, and then stayed there. The San Diego native is an artist, with pieces featured in galleries and spaces nationally and internationally. He is also a licensed pilot and instructor flying jetliners in his spare time.

All that aside, the songs on his latest record Introversions, feel Introversions-CD-Cover-1-1grounded, and are stupid catchy although some of them might sound a bit dated, as in I think he needs to update his drum loops from 1996 to the new package, but, again, so what…. I happen to like drum beats from the 90’s.

Sluka’s voice is soothing, with a David Bowie – like quality to it, a comfort that comes naturally. His songs are textured, but light, bringing with them world music drum beats, soft guitar that fades into the background underneath a light Casio keyboard set to synth-orchestra. Everything seems to be in the right place at the right time. “Sunday’s Child” is a Bowie – Hours era B-side. “Paralyzed” is a tender ballad with unrequited guilty-pleasure, sing-along chorus. “Beautiful” is a Latin tinged dancing fool of a song. “Higher”, arguably the best song on the record, offers listeners a textured drum beat with fluid and hard to sit still chorus.

I am officially a fan of the Sluka, Introversions is pretty, darn, great…and that’s OK…

Isn’t it….

Now go give Tears For Fears some love…

P.S.  Look at the pictures in this article. The lead singer in Meshuggah, Jens Kidman, certainly has to take a dump. Tears For Fears have coonskin hats for hair.. and ooooh Gordon Lightfoot…. try to look away from those deep-set and confused eyes.

And I love them all…



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