A Night Filled with Hi-Fi Fun and Great Lo-Fi Melodies

Photo: villanrme

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of seeing two exciting bands at Will’s Pub. Crowd pleasers to the sold out show were Teen Suicide and Elvis Depressedly. I was not overly familiar with the music of either band previously, so my ears were in for a new treat.

First up was Teen Suicide. This young Maryland band blends emo, pop punk and indie together for a unique twist. In my opinion, having to wait forty-five minutes for the show to begin was the only downfall. Other than that they undeniably know how to keep the crowd’s momentum.

As soon as the first song, “It’s Just a Pop Song”, started playing I was immediately hooked lyrically. Looking around, the audience was coasting along to the motion of the drums. The band was also in-sync with the energy with their stage presence. Despite the oppressive Florida heat and the cozy venue, everyone around me was moving around and dancing.

Lead singer/guitarist, Sam Ray, kept things interesting by having conversations with the crowd. After a playful back and forth with the audience, they flooded every millennial with nostalgia and performed a rendition of Flobots’ “Handlebars.”

Photo: villanrme

Next was Elvis Depressedly. Although they shared a guitarist, they had a completely different sound. It was a much smoother and down-tempo collective compared to the first act. It was a surely well-deserved and mellow break between all the dancing. I had spent some time listening to this band before the show and what they did on stage was beyond my expectations.

Their sound ranged from indie to emo with great vibrancy holding it all together. Some honey sweet synth-keyboard along with the subtle screaming from the lead singer, Matt Cothran was all the crowd needed to have a superb time. Some songs had airy duets from Matt and Delaney Mills (keyboardist/female vocalist) while other songs danced around a poppy keyboard riff. All of their songs varied in qualities, all of which I enjoyed thoroughly. Along with the little crowd-to-artist camaraderie, they received cheerful and boasting applauses in between each song.

Both bands certainly know how to put on a great show and are absolutely two acts to catch in the Orlando area when they return again.

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