Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2017

2017 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

2017 Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announcement

2017 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame NomineesThe 2017 Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees were released to the public today, and as usual, the decisions are tough. Take a look at the contenders and see which of the five you think are most deserving.

They Hall typically chooses five nominees from each class for induction, and historically one of those acts is a more obscure artist from the early years of rock music.

2017 Rock Hall Nominees
  • Bad Brains
  • Chaka Khan
  • Chic
  • Depeche Mode
  • Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
  • J. Geils Band
  • Jane’s Addiction
  • Janet Jackson
  • Joan Baez
  • Joe Tex
  • Journey
  • Kraftwerk
  • MC5
  • Pearl Jam
  • Steppenwolf
  • The Cars
  • The Zombies
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Yes

Go ahead and jot down your five selections and we’ll see how we compare.  I’ll share my thought process if I had a ballot.

ROck n Roll Hall of Fame 2017
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame – Bob Creedon
My Thoughts on the Most Deserving Rock Hall Nominees
Not under consideration

Chaka Khan, Chic, Janet Jackson, Joan Baez, Tupac Shakur – none of these acts really fit the essence of rock music.  If this was the Disco, Folk, Soul, or Hip Hop Hall of Fame, maybe… but it’s not.  I’m guessing at least one of them gets in though, because the voters aren’t as smart as me.

Accomplished Legendary Bands but not BIg Enough
  • Bad Brains – they were a punk influence and have been around a long time but they were influenced by the real legends, The Ramones and The Clash.
  • Kraftwerk – they were unique and broke new ground, but did they influence anyone notable or make a splash on the rock scene?  No.
  • Joe Tex – early soul and gospel singer. I can’t vote for him because I never heard of him before reading his bio 15 minutes ago.
  • MC5 – interesting group from the early 70s – they were ahead of their time, but didn’t make much of an impact.
  • Steppenwolf – Probably had more hits than most of the others in this section, but they just weren’t that special.
Close, but no Guitar
  • Depeche Mode – I really like this band and grew up immersed in their music, but there were other more influential bands in their niche.
  • Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) – they definitely created a new space in the rock music universe, and I loved their music. I could see them making the cut through some kind of strange magic, but not on my list.
  • The Cars – I’m all mixed up on this one.  They are one of my favorite studio bands ever, they were video music vanguards, their first five albums were superb, but they sucked live.
  • The Zombies – Just two albums, but they made one hell of an impact.  This was the sweet, melodic Rod Argent, and they were stalwarts in the British Invasion of the Sixties.  Just not enough meat on the bone to get this quintet over the hump.
The Top 5 2017 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees
  • J. Geils Band – Underrated. They were a great bluesy rock band with some of the most rollicking early classic rock, and some of the weirdest shit (see “No Anchovies. Please”).  Then they reinvented themselves in the early 80’s with a few legendary albums and a handful of killer singles.  And then, they disappeared from on top of the rock music mountain. Respect.
  • Jane’s Addiction – Perfect melding of guitar rock and California Punk, led by some uber-talented musicians.  They deserve more recognition for their musical talent, put on one hell of an entertaining live show, and they had a huge impact on the festival circuit.
  • Journey – It’s surprising they are not already in the Rock Hall. They were great musicians and quite successful before Steve Perry, and they took on new frontiers and became pioneers of stadium rock.  They made great music for decades, powered by the elite musicianship, which has actually allowed them to continue to tour after Perry’s departure.  They are another deserving nominee who successfully spanned two generations.
  • Pearl Jam – Their Ten was one of the greatest debut albums ever and they’ve aged wonderfully ever since. Vedder’s growl is their most recognizable trait but the full band is talented. They have a distinctive knack of making legendary songs even better with creative covers.  And, in my estimation, they are the best band to come out of the grunge era… ever.
  • Yes – It’s just stupid that they are not already in the Rock Hall. They are one of the most talented bands ever, they created and perfected a new genre, they were fantastic live, sold buckets of records, were integral performers for decades, and had the coolest album covers.

So, there you have it – my official ballot.  How did I do?

You can also place your own votes in the official Rock Hall fan vote here.

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