Welcome To Rockville Day 2 Tips

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Rockville Day 2 Tips

If you are headed out to Welcome To Rockville with your tickets in hand, here are a few quick tips to help you enjoy Day 2 of this explosive festival.

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First, if you don’t have tickets, don’t waste your time. The Festival is Sold Out today.

The weather was unexpectedly nasty yesterday for Day 1. It is supposed to be decent today, but it never hurts to bring a rain poncho. If it rains hard, the best place for shelter was under the highway overpass. They also opened VIP for everyone when that happened yesterday, which was a smart safety move, but also a nice way to keep everyone around bathrooms, food and drinks.


Park in the Everbank Stadium lot. It’s $20, and by far the closest spot, as the new entrance is very close to the stadium.

There is food everywhere, and just about anything you want is being served somewhere. The lines over by the Jagermeister stage were shorter for both food and drinks. I’d highly recommend the Island Noodles by the Monster Stage – long lines, though, so get there early.

Plan to walk a lot, as the new set-up is spread over a much larger area.  It’s worth the walk though, as the sound is so much better.  Think about the shoes you want to wear – it was very muddy yesterday, and probably will be again today with any kind of rain.

Off to the side of the permanent restrooms are a few benches if you want to take a load off, there are also a few water fountains if you want to save a few bucks and refill your water bottles.

There are a slew of autograph signings throughout the venue.  Check out the various tents and make sure you do not miss your favorites.

Finally – a few recommended shows:

  • Butcher Babies – ReverbNation Stage at 2:35
  • Slash with Myles Kennedy – Jack Daniels Stage at 5:40
  • Godsmack – Jack Daniels Stage at 7:30
  • Young Guns – Jack Daniels Stage at 1:00

And, DO NOT MISS the Mystery Guest: Nothing More hits the Monster Energy MainStage at 1:40 and they are amazing live!

Rock On!


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