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They’re already on the brink of a huge breakthrough in the UK and now find themselves poised on the verge of exploding onto the US rock music scene. If you haven’t heard their music yet, it’s time to get on The Struts’ bandwagon, because big things are destined for this talented new quartet with an effervescent, vintage pop rock sound.


On their new EP, Have You Heard, The Struts deliver captivating rock music that has this band poised on the precipice of stardom. The four songs on the EP are infectious, hard-driving arena-sized rock ‘n roll anthems.

The Derby UK foursome have the soaring sound and infectious songs that make them perfect for the big stage and on Have You Heard, we get a nice cross-section of their Glam-infused rock. Listening to their music hearkens back memories to the power pop bands who made the 70’s rock ‘n roll scene such a blast. I find dashes and flashbacks to a handful of bands, but the most prominent comparison is Slade, a tremendously talented and energetic band who were adored in the UK.

Led by the unique vocal stylings of Noddy Holder, Slade inexplicably never really hit it big in the US, although they had a few dozen Top 40 hits, a handful of number one singles, and millions of albums sold in the UK. However, I’d be shocked if we don’t see The Struts achieve that transAtlantic success, and as you can see on the tour listing below, they’ll be tearing across the country over the next few months impressing new fans coast to coast.

As a sign of their broad potential for mass appeal, they recently opened up for the Rolling Stones in front of a cozy group of 80,000 screaming Parisian fans.

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Their initial single, “Could Have Been Me” has slid onto the American Alt-Rock charts and is beginning to gain well-deserved airplay. The raucous track is driven by furious drums and slick guitar riffs, but vocalist Luke Spiller steals the show with his Freddie-esque vocals (Yes, that Freddie). The chorus is catchy as hell and the vocals are simply fantastic. It’s a stadium-ready singalong, and a great glimpse of what’s in store on the rest of the EP.

Throughout the remainder of the tracks, we don’t see too many Freddie flashbacks, but Spiller’s voice still dominates with it’s raw gritty edge. His charisma pours through the speakers, and it’s clear his style would translate well live.

On the rest of the EP, we see continued hard-driving anthemic rock, but we sample a bit of the band’s diversity. “Kiss This” has a nice dance-rock groove and excellent synth effects. It’s a song about breaking up, but it has an upbeat, optimistic feel. “Put Your Money On Me” is a guitar-driven piece with nice harmonies while “Where Did She Go” is a chance for drummer Gethin Davies to shine.

The EP is produced by Gregg Alexander (former frontman of the New Radicals), and he deftly puts his thematic stamp on the music, making it just a tad bit more epic.

Snag it on iTunes below and check it out.  It’s cheaper than a coffee and a much better pick up!

Rock On!

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Tour Dates

October 14 /// Los Angeles, CA /// The Troubadour
October 17 /// Woodlands, TX /// KTBZ-FM Buzzfest
October 19 /// Atlanta, GA /// The Earl
October 20 /// Charlottesville, VA /// The Southern
October 21 /// Washington, DC /// Rock & Roll Hotel
October 23 /// New York, NY /// Bowery Ballroom
October 24 /// Philadelphia, PA /// The Foundry at the Fillmore
October 25 /// Boston, MA /// The Sinclair
October 26 /// Buffalo, NY /// Iron Works
October 28 /// Nashville, TN /// The High Watt
October 29 /// St. Louis, MO /// Blueberry Hill-Duck Room
October 31 /// New Orleans, LA /// Voodoo Music Experience
November 1 /// Dallas, TX /// Club Dada
November 2 /// Austin, TX /// Stubb’s BBQ
November 4 /// Colorado Springs, CO /// Black Sheep
November 5 /// Denver, CO /// Marquis Theatre
November 8 /// Vancouver, BC /// Venue
November 9 /// Seattle, WA /// The Crocodile
November 10 /// Porland, OR /// Crystal Ballroom
November 11 /// Reno, NV /// Knitting Factory
November 13 /// Scottsdale, AZ /// Pub Rock
November 14 /// Las Vegas, NV /// Hard Rock Live Las Vegas
November 27 /// Toronto, ON /// Adelaide Hall
November 28 /// Montreal, QC /// Fairmount Theatre
November 29 /// Wilkes-Barre, PA /// Chandelier Lobby
December 1 /// Norfolk, VA /// Norva
December 2 /// Richmond, VA /// The National



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