The Harlots – On Their Way


The Harlots “On My Way” Single Review

The more music I hear from Australia, the more convinced I am that the country is quickly becoming the hottest incubator for fresh rock ‘n roll.

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The latest band to catch my attention is Harlot, a talented six-piece from Melbourne, Australia.  They’re a group of twenty-somethings who are about to deliver their fantastic new single “On My Way” on June 26th.

The infectious rocker is in invigorating call to action. It’s a rare rock song that is both raw and exquisitely polished at the same time.  The single is a guitar-driven effort laced with sharp hooks, which are masterfully paired with catchy vocals from Tom Pitts (the nephew of Nick Cave of Bad Seeds fame).

Pitts’ vocals are vibrant and quite diverse and the song is a great landscape for his talents, but the lush musical bed is even more captivating. Hard-driving drums provide the perfect backdrop for a song that is drenched with excellent guitar work throughout.  It’s an catchy and generous 4:23 gem that wonderfully builds to a soaring close.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Rock On!

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