The Doobie Brothers Sell Out St. Augustine


Photo by Jeremy Denton
Photo by Jeremy Denton

Doobie Brothers Concert Review

Hello Fans, Happyjack is back – this time with legendary rockers, The Doobie Brothers!

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I got the call 2 hours before the show and quickly packed the van and the camera gear and headed to St. Augustine Florida. Tonight I will be reviewing the legends, and I am super excited to see The Doobie Brothers, featuring a special reunion with former band mate Michael McDonald. This will be a packed house filled with fans looking forward to all of the hits they were raised on.

The band continues to write and record new music and they frequently tour the world to their legions of loyal fans who continue to support the band through their many incarnations.

The Doobie Brothers recently broke new creative ground in the exploration of their musical connection with Nashville, the capitol for Country Music. They recently released Southbound, a new collaboration with the top country stars of today, and already, I can’t wait to get this CD. You’ll hear guest spots from Zac Brown, Blake Shelton, Brad PAisley, Sara Evans and many more.

These critically acclaimed Northern California Grammy winners know what the fans want to hear and they love doing it for them, and that love continued when they were offstage, too, as I watched the band signing autographs and taking the time to say “Hello” to the fans this night.

These guys have stood the test of time since forming back 1969 by singer-songwriter-guitarists Tom Johnston, and Patrick Simmons, along with founding drummer John Hartman, and bassist Dave Shogren. 45 years later, we still see the band making great music fronted by the same two original founding members in Johnston and Simmons.

I still have a couple 8 track tapes from the Doobies and we wore them out every week in the 70’s and early 80’s. Those were the days man, I tell ya!

Tonight’s show was a special treat with all the classics being played with such loving feeling that everyone was dancing in the stands and the entire crowd sang every lyric along with the band. They were the locomotive to a high energy train that drove the set all night – and the fans loved every moment.

The band also dealt with the exit of long-time front man Michael McDonald which took some of the wind out of the band – but not for long as they continued to tour and pour the love back out to their loyal fans. They had started their journey years before he was added to the line-up, so they had a strong foundation of hit songs they had recorded without him that they could rely on.

Yes, the years have witnessed many changes in the Doobies, but the band’s most recent studio lineup harkens back to their earliest days. The band really knows each other well enough to allow each other the space to showcase their best attributes for the songs.


Simmons says, “The sound of the band is the same. Tom and I are still involved in writing the songs and arranging. It brings the sound of the early ‘70s back to the forefront. Tommy and I now have been working together longer than any other time the band has been in existence, steadily working every year, touring.” And as we witnessed on this night, the fans will not let them down – always showing up to see the band that helped build their lives.

The show was a treat as the band came out for two encores in a set packed with long-time hits. It was a night of groovy California easy rock n roll; the sound we all recognize immediately as the Doobies’ sound.

As a testament to their popularity, the weather was a brisk 45 degrees on this outdoor pavilion event, but the weather did not stop the band nor the fans. The show was a sell out – and their merchandise table stayed busy all night.
Like so many other fans this night, I was happy to see these guys again after so many years of listening to their music. To be at a historic location in St. Augustine and to see this band will be a memory that will forever touch my heart. Thanks guys for everything guys – you have always rocked us fans!

Go see these guys while you still can. The tour has the band playing with The Marshall Tucker Band for the next couple weeks, and then they play the rest of the year with Greg Allman’s Band – another great double bill show.
And the new CD – don’t forget it – new country versions of all the classics. Get it: Southbound – The Doobie Brothers

Here is the current band line up –
Michael McDonald – Vocals/Piano/Organs
Tom Johnston – Vocals/Guitar
Pat Simmons – Vocals/Guitar
John McFee – Guitar/Strings/Vocals
Ed Toth – Drums
Guy Allison – Keyboards/Vocals
Tony Pia – Drums
Marc Russo – Saxophones
John Cowan – Bass/Vocals

Thanks for reading up on another one of our favorite bands. We thank all our loyal readers all over the world, and a sincere thank you to the band’s management team for coming through for me.

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I’ll be back soon with another great Concert Review right here. And, remember, when you want the news on the street, look for’s “Happyjack” to bring it to ya.

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You want rock n roll – we got it coming! Till then, take care…

Jacksonville, Fla

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