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A Brilliant Lie Interview

So, I sat down to have a serious conversation about music with the five sharp, creative minds that collectively are A Brilliant Lie, we tucked ourselves behind a table on the cozy outdoor patio at The Copper Rocket, a Maitland joint that does more than their fair share when it comes to supporting the local music scene.

A Brilliant Lie Group Photo
A Brilliant Lie during a rare quiet moment at Copper Rocket

On a beautiful Monday night, where we shared the patio with pesky squirrels and a few interesting patrons, the six of us meandered through nearly two hours of dialog on all things related to rock music, and quite a few topics not at all related to the music business.

The first part of the interview, focused on touring and the local music scene can be found here.

And then there’s all of the other stuff that just didn’t exactly fit, but provided some compelling conversation, and more than a few hearty chuckles. So, here you go – random tidbits after spending a few hours with a few brilliant minds.

The Mailman

Tara: It’s nice to have fresh audiences, where they don’t know us from the mailman.
Matt: I don’t know our mailman.
Tara: I don’t either. We should change that.
Chris: It’s a girl.
Matt: It was a guy the other day
Chris: Well, it was a girl today
Matt: So, the guy at the post office was lying when he told me he knew our mail carrier had our package because you’re telling me there’s two carriers?
Nick: One’s a pigeon and one’s a woman
Chris: The pigeon takes forever.
Matt: It’s for the birds.
Nick: I ordered an anvil. It will never get here. It’s too heavy. He can’t lift it and he can’t drive.
Cretin: You need a bigger bird.
Chris: Was it an African Swallow?
Matt: These are very fowl jokes

Theads: Cutter

The next installment in the three EP set is targeted for recording in December with an early 2016 release.

Cretin: Why three EPs instead of one album? And have you written all of the music for it yet?
Chris: Well, we had this meeting and I don’t know how it came about, but we figured this would be a great idea. Now every time we go back and think about the meeting, we assume everyone must have been drunk. And, no, we have not written all of the music for it.
Tara: I think that’s a common misconception. People assume we took all of last year to write everything, and now we are releasing it in sections. We were trying to showcase the growth of the band in stages.
Matt: So in the process of it, with Cutter, we wrote about 13 different things and then cut it down to the five songs that ended up on it, and then did the same thing for this one. And now there are like 13 different ideas floating around Dropbox, some of them have structure and others are “Here’s this thing.” Some stuff that’s finished and others that are cool ideas.
Tara: Instead of doing one album, we wanted to do three in a span of about a year. A lot of people are releasing singles; and with us going out on the road and needing something tangible to hand to people.
Matt: We can’t just hand someone a one song single. This way it’s four or five songs. Something tangible and you sort of get the evolution of all of it.
Nick: When we are out playing live and someone stops to pick up the Waking Vessels album, I’m like “No, no, no. Get this one because that doesn’t really define who we are now. Waking Vessels is so far from what we are doing now. You should listen to this (Threads Cutter) to have any correlation to what we are doing now.
Matt: You are going to hear what A Brilliant Lie is, not what it was.

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The Industry

Chris: It’s (The EP releases) bridging the gap between what we wish the industry still was and what it is. It is very “What have you done for me lately, what are you doing for me tomorrow.”
Cretin: I definitely receive far more EPs to review than full albums.
Chris: The full LP is a dead art. It just sucks, but I don’t think that’s a thing that’s going to last much longer.
Jason: Unless you have a big label behind you.
Matt: But even then, if you buy 20 albums these days, only two are front to back records, where you can listen from the first song to the thirteenth song and go “those are all great songs.”

We Are Tarable

Nick: We’re so bad, we named our lead singer Tara.
Cretin: That should be the title of the interview.
Nick: People will be like “Why did they spell that wrong? I’m going to email them.” Then they scroll through the article looking for the email and actually read all the questions.

The Recording Process

Nick: I wish we could record it live in the room, the way Death Cab does it.
Chris: Fall Out Boy did that, too and Ryan Adams.
Nick: I think that’s super fascinating. I don’t think that we’re not good enough to do it, that’s just not the style that lends itself to us.
Matt: The thing about recording that is fun is that is goes from this click track to a crappy version of guitar, but then you start building this thing out of it and then add drums, bass and guitar and start building this thing that was an idea into this thing that’s actually a song that’s well crafted. It’s rewarding to think that some stupid thing you came up with at 3:00AM became this three minute piece of love and work.
Tara: And you get to do it with friends and say “We did that.”

Rock On!

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