Super Bob – Killer Album Review

Matt Santoro of Super Bob in Orlando
Matt Santoro of Super Bob in Orlando

Killer New Music From Super Bob

This Virginia-based quartet is one of the most hard-working, charismatic and energetic rock acts touring these days, and they’ve finally carved out the time to record a new album, and it’s been worth the wait.

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The new album, Killer, immediately explodes through your speakers with the high-energy “Capt Crunch.” It includes all of the Super Bob elements you’ve grown accustomed to in their live shows, sans four maniacal performers flying around the stage. But trust me, you crank this up, and you’ll be flying around your place. It’s their trademark sound, which is a hyper-hip Rage Against The Machine / Rob Zombie / Nine Inch Nails kind of thing… Kind of, but not really, it’s probably best to slip on some good headphones, clear some space on the floor and as the chorus implores: “Let the mother fuckers know who their fucking with!”

Killer is part hip-hop, part hard rock, and 100% loud, invigorating, shake your ass dance music.  The songs feature generous samples, a bouncing, aggressive rhythm section and vibrant vocals from frontman Matt Santoro. It’s edgy, aggressive stuff that is a blast to listen to.  It doesn’t exactly capture the amazing live experience the band delivers, but nothing could; nonetheless, it’s an album worth listening to for any fans of hard dance-infused rock.

Highlights from the album include the title track, which is also the first single; a thumping anthem laced with samples and an excellent canvas for Santoro’s vocals.  “F.T.W.” features powerful drums from Chris Faircloth and “Guns Drawn” a more stripped down song (well, by Super Bob standards) is a nice showcase for Adam Smith’s guitar work.

My favorite track is “Public Execution,” which kicks off with throbbing Drew Recny bass chords before growing into a filthy dancy rocker that is absolutely addictive and already better than just about anything else gracing the airwaves today.

Santoro shared a bit of the challenge recording an album when your band is on the road 250 nights per year. “We’ve been working on it for two years because we are on the road so much. When we started, our producer lived in Pompano Beach, then be moved to Madison, Wisconsin. So now, we tour up to Madison, spend a few days in the studio, tour in the area, record for a few more days then head back out… he met us at a house in the middle of nowhere, Illinois… he met us in Myrtle at a house we rented there… we just brought him wherever we were going.” (You can see our recent Super Bob show review here, which includes additional quotes from Santoro.)

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