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Full Throttle Heart Album Review

Hello Rarasfarm.com Fans – HappyJack is back with another cool CD Review: Southern Thunder Project’s – “Full Throttle Heart” 

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Southern Rock ‘n Roll has been getting a lot of attention across the world lately, and I am excited to have the chance to review a CD from this music genre. I, along with millions of others, have enjoyed the attitude and heartfelt songs many famous Southern Rock bands have recorded over the years. So many great bands – Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Outlaws, Molly Hatchet and Charlie Daniels to name a few; we love them all.

Now, a new generation of wonderful Southern Rock Bands have emerged on the music scene – bringing the fans new songs and stories.

Today we have a compelling new album, the Southern Thunder Project, featuring the following esteemed contributors:

Gary STP Gary Jeffries Lead Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica / Gary Jeffries Band – based in Ohio
 Boone  STP Boone Froggett  Lead Vocals / Guitar / Slide / OTIS Band – based in Kentucky.
 Chris STP Chris Walker – Guitar / Chris Walker Band – based in England.
 Larry STP Larry Velez – Guitar / Studio Musician – based in Indiana.
 Steve F STP
Steve Fletcher – Bass / Gary Jeffries Band – based in Ohio.
 Steve J STP Steve Jewell Jr – Guitar /  OTIS Band – based in Kentucky.
 ME STP John Rehmel Guitar / Songwriter / Founding Member / Asst.Producer /  based in Indiana.
 Randy STP Randy Trent – Drummer on 11 songs / Gary Jeffries Band based in Ohio.
 Andrew STP Andrew GilpinDrummer on 2 songs / OTIS Band – based in Kentucky.

The CD was recorded in Lewis, Indiana at Chief Lemon Head Studios and is produced by Curt Hall


Track #1 – Full Throttle Heart

This is the title track – think Southern Rock , Biker Rock, and Blues. Nice opening song for the band – great classic gravelly vocals – lead guitars sneak into the bridge wonderfully.  Listening to this song makes you interested in every song on the CD – very organic – great bass guitar hook. Drumming is not rushed – and played with exactness making every hit pronounced perfectly – a treat to hear.

Gary Jeffries –Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Randy Trent-drums, Chris Walker-Guitar solo.  Song written by John Rehmel / Steve Jewell Jr. / Gary Jeffries


Track #2 – Daisy

This is a great second track on the CD making you want to jump up and do something – a fun song. High energy – using the coolest slide guitar along with the rhythm guitars – playing power chords together. Bass guitar is really working the hook – and sounding great all the way through – nice petals. Song has a Boogie Woogie style that grandpa would be proud of – a toe tapper indeed. The drummer had to be exhausted – bam bam bam bam – nonstop sweaty fun. Vocals feature a rare voice that commands attention – Southern style!

Boone Froggett-Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Randy Trent-drumsSong written by John Rehmel / Boone Froggett


Track #3 – Nothing To Hide

Fine storytelling – great vocals with excitement builds slowly to the last word. Rhythm guitars are in full force, playing together as one – and breaking off to solo – wonderfully executed. The harmonica brings out the flavor of the South – with a strong vocal to back it up during the song. Drummer and Bass player lay the foundation on this song – thick and crisp – a magical beat. This is the perfect song to listen to while fishing, or any sport you love.

Gary Jeffries-Vocal, guitar and harmonica, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Boone Froggett-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Andrew Gilpin-drums. Song written by John Rehmel / Steve Jewell Jr.


Track #4 – Destiny

Rock ‘n Roll ballad with heartfelt vocals. Nice production – could be released as a single down the line. Feels like you’re daydreaming – a song makes you stop and think about yourself. Bass is slowly thumping with softness that the song needs to break free of any restraints. I can see the fans, hands in the air – waving from left to right to the drummer’s beat.

Boone Froggett – Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.- guitar, Steve Fletcher – Bass, Randy Trent – drums, Chris Walker – guitar solo.  Song written by John Rehmel / Boone Froggett


Track #5 – Little Miss Rock ‘n Roll

Song sounds like a mix of Z.Z. Top and The Dr. Hook Medicine Show. Steady drumming with nice cymbal accents bring the song alive. Vocals and the bass guitars sound great – lead guitar solo’s are fresh every time you hear it. Great build up and ending – should be a popular track at every show.

Gary Jeffries – Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr. – guitar, Steve Fletcher – Bass, Randy Trent – drums. Song written by John Rehmel / Steve Jewell Jr.


Track #6 – Camouflage Man

Dark and gritty – just the way we like it – Southern fried, to satisfy! Great story played with passion – the band comes together on this one perfectly. Vocals are coming through with fierce testimony – you’ll like the backwoods vibe. Singer reminds me of Black Oak Arkansas Go Jim Dandy Go! Hands down, with the dueling guitars, this track is gonna be the fan’s favorite – deadly.

Boone Froggett – Vocal  and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Randy Trent-drums and Larry Velez-guitar solo. Song written by John Rehmel / Boone Froggett


Track #7 – Stormy Weather Blues

Flashback – this track sounds like a classic song from yesterday, with a new horizon. Pat Travers Band would be proud of this effort – great production with guitars front and center. Bluesy Rock with double barrel guitars a blazing. Solid bass line – solid blues vibe. You’ll be playing this CD everyday, the songs don’t stop growing on you!

Boone Froggett – Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr. – guitar, Steve Fletcher – Bass, Randy Trent – drums, Larry Velez – guitar solo. Song written by John Rehmel/Boone Froggett   


Track #8 – Outlaw In Me

Instantly starts off sounding like a classic “Lynyrd Skynyrd” song (from the original line up). Slide guitars – duel guitars – both blended to make this song stand out. Vocals are amazing as he reaches new heights and sounds classic at the same time. Drummer and the bass player are solid as always, they know exactly what this song needs. Great songwriting – songs like this take experience, life’s ups and downs and true feelings.

Gary Jeffries – Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr. – guitar, Steve Fletcher – Bass, Randy Trent – drums. Song written by John Rehmel.


Track #9 – Lone Wolf Blues

Another great Southern Rock / Boogie Woogie song that captures the band in their prime. Vocals are strong – sung with emotion – grabs your attention to what is being said in the song. Guitar pickin’ at it’s best – these guys have it down pat. To have this many great songs on one album is a wonderful experience.

Boone Froggett-Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass
Randy Trent-drums, Chris Walker-guitar solo. Song written by John Rehmel / Boone Froggett


Track #10 – Back Road Traveler

This song has the hooks that everyone will love, just when you weren’t expecting it. Remember Stevie Ray Vaughan?  This song leaps off the album as a great effort from  the band. Nice lead solos – the guitarist have spent their lives mastering this stuff. Perfectly paced and it makes a well rounded hit.

Boone Froggett-Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Randy Trent-drums, Larry Velez-guitar solo. Song written by John Rehmel / Boone Froggett


Track #11 – Slow Movin’ Train

The second slow ballad. Wonderfully mixed slide and rhythm guitars – organic and fresh. A storytelling song that brings out your own feelings when hearing it – guaranteed to grow on you instantly. This is the song that the ladies will want to slow dance to. Bass player takes the time to make every note pronounced in a way that keeps you hungry for more. I thought I was hearing a Kid Rock song – a cool ballad with a Southern sound.

Gary Jeffries-Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar and B3 Hammond, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Andrew Gilpin-drums. Song written by John Rehmel / Steve Jewell Jr.


Track #12 – Living Proof (Sandy Hook Song)

Acoustic surprise opening, with electric guitars coming soon after – a treat for my ears. Perfect production – a local fan favorite that has ability to change the way you think about things. Guitars are in full swing and not missing a lick – these guys have the riffs that match the vocals.

Gary Jeffries-Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Randy Trent-drums
Background harmony vocals-Boone Froggett, Steve Jewell Jr., and Andrew Gilpin. Song written by John Rehmel / Steve Jewell Jr.


Track #13 – Bringin’ The Bacon Home

Great closing song – I thought I was hearing a early .38 Special song, but this song is all Southern Thunder Project, with each member bringing out their best. Makes you wanna grab the motorcycle throttle and crank it to drive 100 MPH. A great finale to a wonderful release from the guys – this album will be a fan favorite for years.

Gary Jeffries-Vocal and guitar, Steve Jewell Jr.-guitar, Steve Fletcher-Bass, Randy Trent-drums, Chris Walker-guitar solo. Song written by John Rehmel / Steve Jewell Jr.


Thanks for reading the CD Review – please feel free to comment. Thank you to the band – and the band’s management team for the access. Great band – we can’t wait to see you on tour soon – we’ll keep the fans posted on your adventures.

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