Rock Hall Gets It Wrong for 2016

Earlier today, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame announced their 2016 Class of inductees. I love the Rock Hall… pretty much everything about it, but the choices for 2016 are confounding. Some great bands included, like Deep Purple and Chicago, but some hard to fathom decisions as well. It’s always a matter of opinion, but let’s be honest, my opinion is right… right?

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame:


So here are the inductees

  • Cheap Trick
  • Chicago
  • Deep Purple
  • NWA
  • Steve Miller

And here’s who was left out: The Cars, Chic, Janet Jackson, The JBs, Chaka Kahn, Los Lobos,  Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths, The Spinners, Yes.

Four of those five are deserving, basically everyone except for NWA.  Chicago and Deep Purple were absolutely deserving and long overdo – perfect choice to already supplement the many iconic acts who grace the halls.  Cheap Trick and Steve Miller are both definitely deserving, as well, but do they deserve to see their names etched in glass before some of the others on this list?

Signatures from the members of Queen at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Signatures from the members of Queen at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Cheap Trick is probably one of my personal Top 10 bands ever. I love their music, and I think their live shows are the stuff of legends.  I’d put them in the Hall Of Fame, but not before Yes, The Smiths, The Spinners or The Cars.  Steve Miller? Nope, he’ wouldn’t be on my ballot, but I can certainly understand why others would vote for him. He’s made some nice contributions to the rock  music world, but I have trouble recognizing him before some of the others on the ballot.

I wrote a nice summary post on all of the nominees a few months ago, which you can check out here, and toured the amazing place which you can view here.

The bottom line is that Classic rock and hip hop seem to trump Alternative rock and Motown.  I could argue all day the merits of The Smiths and The Cars over Cheap Trick, and the arguments would likely include a lot of fair objective points on both sides, but there are precious few alternative rock bands more influential than the two on my personal list.

The Rock Hall generally does a good job with honoring Motown acts, so I’ll give them a pass on The Spinners this year, But what the hell are they thinking with Ice Cube and Dr Dre’s NWA? I’ll admit that I dislike their music, but there are plenty of bands in the Rock Hall who I never really liked, but whose elections I understood.

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Ok, so that leaves Yes and Steve Miller.  “Roundabout” versus “Abracadabra,” 10 Top Ten albums vs. 4, 25 years of rock breakthroughs vs. 5 years of relevancy, 20 albums of groundbreaking progressive rock with one of the most talented line-ups ever vs. a few years of creative pop rock.  I just don’t get it.

Let’s make this right next year and for the voters, let’s make this right next year!

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Rock On!

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