Rightovers Deliver New Music from Hawaii

Rightovers Offer Up Excellent New Rock

This is not what I think of when I hear Hawaiian music – okay, I guess I never really thought much about music from The Aloha State.

That’s about to change, because the new music in my InBox from The Rightovers is some of the freshest stuff I’ve heard all year. Their sound is distinctive Alternative/Indie rock with an intoxicating pop feel. I’m drawn to comparisons with The Last Royals, who had a Top 10 Alt-Rock hit, and surely more impressively to them – a spot on our year-end Best Albums list.


The music is intriguing enough that we’re working on a full album review for their forthcoming release. Blue Blood. In the meantime – here’s a little treat for you. Check out the first four songs below. Then Like Us on Facebook so you get the alerts when we drop the album review.

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