Purple (409) Album Review

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Killer New Rock from Texas

My In Box is overflowing with catchy boy-girl rock ‘n roll combos. The typical recipe delivers sweet harmonies over a bed of bouncy, upbeat tunes.  I expected a similar serving of rock music from Purple, but was pleasantly surprised by a much more rugged, spicy offering.

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Purple has been branded as party rock; honestly, I’m not sure what the hell that means, but if this gritty, creative stuff is party rock, I want my invitation.  The Texas trio tear through ten absolutely addictive punk-infused rockers on an impressive debut album.

Last year, at this time, I reviewed my first album of the young year and instantly knew that album was going to appear on my year-end Best Albums list.  To quote Yogi Berra, “It’s deja vu all over again.”  This one probably won’t finish at #1 as Against Me!’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues did, but it’s got staying power and is going to be one of the rock albums that defines the year. (Check out last year’s list here)

The music is fun, brash and in your face, and it’s captivating.  Listening to the tracks, it’s obvious that the three musicians are playing what makes them happy, and in return, they’ve produced an album that is going to excite many rock music fans. They’ve got talent, some pent up angst, and a common appreciation for a good party, and it’s a great recipe for killer rock. Drummer/vocalist Hanna Brewer offers, “I’ve heard ‘Hey, you drum pretty good…for a girl’. It’s that phrase: ‘for a girl’. It doesn’t make me mad though; it just makes me want to be more bad-ass than the boys. Anger can be extremely inspiring that way.”

Brewer’s straight-forward drums and hard driving bass from Tyler Smith are nicely accented by cool guitar riffs from Taylor Busby. It’s the perfect musical bed for the distinctive edgy boy/girl vocals.

The album kicks-off with “Wildflower,” a raucous rocker that sets the stage for what’s in store throughout. It’s a juxtaposition between slick guitarwork and gritty passionate vocals that brought back happy memories of Joan Jett’s throaty growls. Next, we hear “Double Nickels,” a ferocious breakneck rocker with a wistful garage rock feel. It’s off to the races with song after rollicking song.

There’s quite a bit of diversity on the album, as well. “LecheLoco” is a quirky song that reminded me of Jack White and “Thirteen” is a searing punk offering that squeezes a crapload of music into one hundred seconds of breakneck feverish rock. As good as the album is, it’s not exactly dripping with radio-ready ditties, but “Beach Buddy,” is built for radio. It’s catchy as hell, boasts a sweet summer feel, without selling out the band’s rugged soul. It’s a damn good song, and one that demands broad airplay.

The album is out today. Grab it now, grab a beer or twelve and soak up the beauty of a filthy dirty masterpiece.

Rock On!

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