PJ Bond Offers Up The Better Option


The Better Option Single Review

Xtra Mile Recordings just might boast the most talented artist roster in the rock industry these days. The label boasts RARAsFarm favorites Frank Turner, Against Me!, A Silent Film and Larry And His Flask, and a few dozen other talented rock acts. One of those acts is PJ Bond.

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Bond’s new single “The Better Option” is a delicious slice of Americana. He’s a songwriter with a comfortable yet distinctive sound, delivering heartfelt lyrics on the back of captivating lyrics on this excellent offering off of his soon to be released Sophomore album Where Are You (out May 4th).

The music is folksy rock delivered with a bit of an edge. The songs explodes with a killer acoustic riff and boasts that same instant familiarity that I feel when listening to Jeff Tweedy or The Old 97’s. The mixture of guitar offerings throughout the song makes the song even more interesting than similar offerings from the aforementioned contemporaries. The heavily distorted guitar spotlighted in the middle of the song is pure 70’s genius and almost as good as the wilting guitar that carries the song to it’s excellent finish.

Snag it here on iTunes: Where Were You?
Or, Preorder the album below.

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