Misanthropic Music

It only took one listen to Hy Brasil’s new single “Misanthropic” to realize I has something special dripping through my headphones. The song starts off with a tender guitar before evolving into a passionate, lush ode to our protagonist misanthrope (dressed as a gorilla in the entertaining video).

Hy Brasil

The music is fresh and uniquely captivating, thanks in large part to the ethereal work of harpist Xocoyotzin Moraza and drummer Andrew Jones apparently playing on homemade drums. Wyatt Hull delivers urgent, passionate vocals which are a bit reminiscent of Thom Yorke, but truly fresh and distinctive.

As he pours  out “I’ve never felt so dead, I’ve never felt so revived,” you can feel the emotion in Hull’s voice, which is paired masterfully with the music.

Give the new West Coast quintet a listen and see what you think.

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