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Meet The 2016 Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

The Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame released the nominees for their class of 2016 earlier today. Some intriguing options on the list. Check out the full list, as well as my recommended selections.

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This year’s nominees:

  • The Cars – They were the biggest new wave artist ever, and delivered some amazing albums front to back, plus, they were pioneers in the video music world.  IN 
  • Chic – Hell of a talented band with excellent musicians.  More disco than rock.  I wouldn’t be crushed if they made it, but… OUT
  • Chicago – I never really liked Chicago’s music, but their distinctive sound and legacy is impressive.  They should already be enshrined. IN
  • Cheap Trick – Love, love, love Cheap Trick. Their Budokan album is one of the two best live albums ever, and their other stuff was excellent.  They’d be in my personal HoF, but not sure they bump out some of these other acts.  OUT
  • Deep Purple – What? They’re not in? That’s insane.  One of the greatest hard rock bands ever. And they sold over 100 million albums!  IN
  • Janet Jackson – I’ll concede that her brothers deserve a spot in the Rock Hall, but Janet… Rock?  Nope, maybe the Pop Hall will reach out later.  OUT
  • The JBs – Uh they backed up James Brown.  He was a legend, they were not.  OUT
  • Chaka Khan – She’s been around a long time and had a slew of hits, but she’s not deserving of a spot in this Hall Of Fame. OUT
  • Los Lobos – They are one of the better Latin rock bands, sure, but not one of the most important rock artists.  Plus, I saw them live in there prime and they were mediocre.  OUT
  • Steve Miller – His first Greatest Hits album was great, but none of his studio albums were.  And, I still can’t forgive him for “Abracadabra” – OUT
  • Nine Inch Nails – I like Trent Reznor and he has done some very innovative things.  He missed out last year, but suspect he was close.  Tough decision.  OUT
  • NWA – Have you seen the other rock acts on this list? Why are they even nominated?  OUT
  • The Smiths – Morrissey is a miserable fellow, but damn did he write some good music with Johnny Marr.  They were the shit in the 80’s and influenced many great artists.  IN
  • The Spinners – Detroit band who defined the Philly sound.  One of the greatest Motown acts ever, and they were special for a lot of years.  IN
  • Yes – Seriously? Why the hell is Yes not in?  They’re the greatest Prog rock band ever and had amazing musicians.  This is unfathomable.  IN

There you have it – the perfect list… right?  What are your thoughts?  You can also hit up this link to vote for real on the official ballot: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2016 Nominees

Check out The Greatest Hits from my selected bands below.

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